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Audio-Optimization Pack for Microsoft Teams (Beta) Is Now Available!

VMware and Microsoft are coming together to deliver yet another great user experience to joint customers, this time with a Microsoft Teams solution optimized for VMware Horizon. While the full-blown media optimized solution is underway, we are pleased to announce Beta for an audio-optimized experience with Teams on Horizon. Using the WebRTC stack, all audio communication will be offloaded to the client device and transported peer-to-peer when using Microsoft Teams in a Horizon session.

For Teams Redirection, Microsoft Teams will load a Javascript shim that connects to the Horizon Agent via WebSocket. WebRTC commands are forwarded to the Horizon client running the Teams optimization stack. The Teams Media Optimization stack (WebRTC player) processes WebRTC commands from the Agent and also sends results back to the shim. This WebRTC player also handles the encoding of A/V frames and sends it to the remote peer along with receiving the A/V frames from the remote peer.

The below diagram shows the architecture of how the different components work in this solution.

Microsoft Teams

This optimization has several benefits to it, which are similar to VMware’s optimization experience with Skype for Business. By offloading audio processing on the client device, customers can save on bandwidth and server-side CPU cycles, thus efficiently utilizing resources in their data center or in the cloud.

Clients that we have focused on for the Beta include Windows and Linux.

Click here to sign up for the Beta program, and stay tuned for more updates on this front as we continue to work towards a full-fledged media optimization experience for Microsoft Teams through the next few quarters.


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