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What’s New with the Workspace ONE Secure Productivity Apps

Secure Productivity Apps
Figure 1. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub assistant.

We had a wealth of exciting announcements a few weeks back at VMworld, but the excitement doesn’t have to stop there. I’ve rounded up the latest and greatest features and capabilities we announced last week across our secure, containerized productivity apps in case you missed it.

With a continuous focus on security and employee experience, our product teams have been hard at work to meet and go beyond the needs of our customers. Please note, some of these features are set to release at a future date. Let’s dive in!

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

• Virtual Assistant: Employees now have the power of self-service right within their digital workspace app with the AI-powered virtual assistant. Employees can invoke the assistant for out-of-the-box workflows or ask questions using natural language through chat or the microphone.

• Priority Notifications: It is easier than ever to engage your employees with the Workspace ONE Notification service. IT and business partners can use the new notification builder in the console to easily create, preview, and manage notifications and even elevate certain notifications by setting a high priority.

Secure Productivity Apps
Figure 2. Enterprise content in Workspace ONE Boxer.

For more information on the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub features, check out our announcement blog.

Workspace ONE Boxer

• FastSync: The first containerized email app on the market to offer this capability, FastSync enables Boxer to securely sync email in the background even if the app is killed by the user or the operating system.

• Enterprise Content: Soon users will be able to access managed content across repositories without downloading the Workspace ONE Content application on their device. This will allow users to do things like save and attach files to and from repositories such as OneDrive. IT administrators simply setup the content repositories they wish to enable access from the Admin Console. If you are already using Workspace ONE Content, no additional setup is required.

• Health Check: Now users can check the health of their Boxer application for self-service and troubleshooting. If a user is experiencing issues, they can look at the Health Check in Boxer settings to make sure Boxer is running the latest version and both the network server connection and push notification services are working properly.

• Multiple Managed Accounts: Boxer will soon support the ability for users to login with multiple managed accounts while upholding the same level of enterprise-grade security and DLP policies.

• Spam and Phishing Reporting: Users can now easily report Spam or Phishing emails with a few taps. Administrators can also route reports to a specific email for an organization.

Secure Productivity Apps
Figure 3. Workspace ONE Boxer health check-in settings.

• High Priority Emails: Important emails don’t stop on mobile. Now Boxer now the ability to both view high priority emails and mark outgoing email as “Urgent”.

• QuickJoin for Online Meetings: Using Skype, WebEx or Zoom for meetings? Scrolling frantically to join a conference call will be a thing of the past. Boxer now features a more legible, easy to find button for quickly joining conference calls from the calendar invitation.

• ICS File Support: Boxer now supports the ability to easily import ICS files, making it easy to save an event to your calendar.

• Siri Shortcuts: “Hey Siri, what’s my next meeting?” This is one of many Siri shortcuts users can now enable for quicker access to the information they need.

• Watermark Support: Need to enable visible watermarks to your employee’s email? Administrators can now set watermark defaults within the console settings.

• NIAP Certification: Boxer has officially received international Common Criteria security certification, making it the first email client of any kind to achieve this milestone. Read more here in the announcement blog.

Check In/Check Out: Boxer now supports check in/check out for line of business scenarios, enabling users to login to a shared device, check mail and calendar, and log out when finished or at the end of their shift.

Workspace ONE Content

Barcode Scanning: Content supports the ability to scan a barcode and open a respective file associated with that barcode. On Android, this is accomplished through a built-in scanner within Workspace ONE Content. For iOS, the function is supported if a barcode is scanned from the native camera or any app store QR code scanner.

Workspace ONE Web

• Tunnel SDK Integration: A unified solution for both managed and unmanaged devices, new Tunnel SDK integration supports proxying non-HTTP traffic through Web and offers better performance and scalability. This integration will replace Tunnel proxy (MAG).

• Full Screen Browsing: Web now supports full screen browsing across all supported platforms.

• Trust Store for Self-signed Certifications: Web will now automatically trust self-signed SSL certs on unmanaged devices and support the ability to deliver multiple SSL certificates to the Web trust store.

Secure Productivity Apps
Figure 4. Mobile PDF signing in Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager.

Workspace ONE Notebook

• Additional Authentication Methods: Notebook now offers additional authentication methods including certificate-based authentication and modern authentication.

Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager

• Bluetooth Login Integration: Users now have the ability to use Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager to authenticate into both Mac and Windows desktops as well as websites prompting for smart card authentication. Only compatible with Entrust Datacard. Check out the configuration demo here.

• Mobile PDF Signing: Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager will soon support digitally signing files on mobile using derived credential certificates. Once supported, PIV-D Manager will be the first solution on the market to enable PDF signing with a smartcard without pulling out a laptop.

Ways to Learn More

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we approach VMworld Europe. If you’d like to learn more about the Workspace ONE platform, visit  or see our apps in action at For more technical resources, check out the Digital Workspace Tech Zone.


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