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Samsung UNPACKED 2019: Redefining Mobile Productivity with Workspace ONE

Samsung’s Galaxy UNPACKED 2019 launch event has just finished, and it unveiled new devices that left participants excited and in awe. Among devices showcased were the newest Samsung flagship smartphones—the Galaxy Note10, Note10+ and Note10+5G—and a Windows 10 OS laptop Galaxy Book S.* The great news is that VMware Workspace ONE will have day-zero support for these new smartphone and laptop devices when they are available to customers on August 23 for the Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note10+ and Note10+5G.samsung galaxy

The major theme of UNPACKED 2019 was next-generation mobile productivity and technological innovation that enables anywhere, anytime frictionless access to work resources, and of course, entertainment. With the combination of powerful Samsung Galaxy devices and Workspace ONE, employees can complete work faster and from anywhere, even when away from their desks.

Workspace ONE: Boosting Productivity on All Devices

At VMworld 2019 we are excited to showcase the latest innovative Samsung devices that our business users love. With employees having autonomy on their device choice, companies want to enable a digital workspace that provides seamless access to business-critical apps and resources on any device from anywhere. However, it’s not always easy to provide a best-in-class end-user experience and IT management when users routinely work across multiple devices, operating systems—such as Android and Windows 10—and application types, such as mobile, cloud-based and legacy desktop apps. Workspace ONE solves the problem of this fragmented user experience and complex IT process to unleash the full power of the Samsung Galaxy suite of devices. Employees are now empowered with next-level connectivity, productivity and security when it comes to multitasking in heterogeneous environments.

These are the reasons employees and IT admins love working with Workspace ONE across Samsung devices:

• Turbocharged productivity without any speed bumps! The new chapter in the strategic partnership between Samsung and Microsoft unlocks more unique features in Microsoft Office 365 apps on Samsung devices, making workers rely on their Samsung smartphones even more to perform business-critical tasks. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub not only allows employees to securely access these Office 365 apps, but also extends this to all other types of apps including traditional Windows, web-based and virtualized apps on any device and any network. It also manages a single identity across all of them, so employees get simple, one-touch single sign-on access to all of their apps. From an IT perspective, Workspace ONE extends conditional access and data loss security across the Office 365 suite and all other work apps via Workspace ONE UEM console and Knox Platform for Enterprise, further enabling granular security control and always-on threat monitoring.

• Performance limitations? A thing of the past! If an employee is on the go with just a Samsung Galaxy Note10 and in need of a desktop PC, they can immediately turn their Galaxy Note10 into a full desktop experience. All they need to do is plug the Galaxy phone into a full-screen monitor or a laptop, either Mac or Windows, through a USB cable to trigger DeX mode. Leveraging VMware Horizon with DeX, they can also turn their Samsung Galaxy Note10 into a powerful computing device that meets the demanding performance needs of Windows applications or even a full Windows 10 desktop. They no longer need to be in reach of their beloved laptop everywhere they go; all they need is the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Workspace ONE to securely access all applications and data required for their work and personal tasks.

• Value-creation amplified! VMware Workspace ONE enhances IT admin experience and security throughout the entire device lifecycle, from out-of-the-box enrollment with Knox Mobile Enrollment, update management with E-FOTA, to de-provisioning. Notably, Workspace ONE now fully supports Knox Service Plugin (KSP), providing quick and easy access to Knox-specific capabilities the day Samsung releases new features. In addition, Workspace ONE manages Windows 10 devices from the same console through a modern management approach, so IT has a single pane of glass for management and security across all Samsung devices regardless of the operating systems. Top-notch unified endpoint management means IT can finally focus on value-add activities instead of time-consuming mandates such as app maintenance and data security.

Learn more about Samsung at VMworld 2019

To hear how VMware delivers ubiquitous and zero-day feature support for Samsung devices, and how Samsung is addressing security and management needs for the 5G era, be sure to register for the Samsung Breakout Session—Samsung Knox: Evolution to Hyper-Connectivity—at VMworld 2019. Seats are limited.

To experience the latest Samsung devices including Note10 and DeX, and integrated solutions with VMware, and learn how mobility can accelerate digital transformation and improve productivity, please don’t forget to stop by the Samsung booth at VMworld 2019 — Booth #759!

*The 6.3-inch Galaxy Note10 and 6.8-inch Note10+ | Note10+5G will be released on August 23. Galaxy Book S will be available in two shades, Earthy Gold and Mercury Gray, beginning Fall 2019. Visit samsung.com/note10forwork and Verizon for more information. These are just a few highlights of the Galaxy Note10 line of devices. Some of the above features are only available on certain models. Be sure to visit Samsung’s site for individual specs.