After an exciting first half of security conferences such as RSA and Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in 2019, it’s time for cybersecurity experts and IT professionals to look forward to Black Hat 2019. As is true each year, Black Hat attracts some of the best minds in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure and provides an opportunity to see examples of the latest threats and hacking techniques, to showcase and witness the latest security products and innovations, and to usher in a new understanding of cybersecurity to better protect and manage risks to the enterprise IT environment.

With each passing year, there are more security products announced and yet the number of security-related incidences continues to rise. Just this week, we heard about a massive data breach at Capital One that exposed personal information of 100 million people. Such incidents continue to happen and yet the typical response by organizations hasn’t changed too much and revolves around the idea of bolting on more security tools. This approach leads to more complexity and ironically creates more opportunities for security loopholes. According to a study from IBM1, Cybersecurity teams use an average of over 80 different security products from 40 different vendors. That is crazy! What we need is a preventive approach to security vs the current approach which is reactive in many ways. A preventive approach focuses on hardening the IT environment with a zero trust, least privilege model that focuses on issue containment, real-time detection and remediation, and low policy complexity.

VMware Workspace ONE, the industry’s first intelligence-driven digital workspace platform does exactly that. Workspace ONE combines intrinsic, zero trust security with industry-leading modern management to help IT intelligently and proactively secure their digital workspace. By taking a platform approach, Workspace ONE works seamlessly across users, apps, endpoints and networks to give a comprehensive solution that enhances user experience and improves the overall security posture for the organization.

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Built-in security features such as single sign-on (SSO), conditional access (CA) and authorization (content-driven policy, roles and permissions, entitlement) ensure that users are authenticated appropriately to access corporate data while still allowing for a seamless experience as they bounce around different apps, devices and networks. Furthermore, modern management powered by our award-winning Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) works across all different types of apps including desktop and virtualized environments allowing for proactive security. For example, by matching CVE data to unpatched devices helps roll out patches faster and eliminates a manual patch process. Micro-segmentation and Tunneling, on the other hand, work to reduce the attack surface for a cyber threat by limiting network access only to the specific app in question by creating a secure tunnel. While these powerful features are built-in and significantly help to minimize security issues inside the IT environment, a full zero trust security promise would be remiss without an active and real-time intelligent engine that helps give IT useful Insights and the ability to set up Automation rules. This is where Workspace ONE Intelligence steps in to shift the security approach from being reactive to preventive.

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Workspace ONE Intelligence helps to aggregate and correlate data from a variety of apps, and devices and gives the ability to visualize it in powerful dashboards, to draw insights and to set up automation rules to address remediation efforts in real-time.

We also understand that an integrated ecosystem is essential to eliminate complexity and expand breadth of security, which is where Workspace ONE Trust Network enters the equation. Workspace ONE integrates with best-of-breed solutions focused on mobile threat defense, cloud application access, endpoint detection and response, and more. Customers can leverage existing security investments by utilizing threat intelligence from our rich ecosystem of trusted partners, helping respond to threats faster.

We are excited to have a presence at Black Hat this year to show you all of this in action. If you’re at the Black Hat Conference next week, visit booth #1446, to learn more about our products and to talk to experts. In addition, our booth also includes demos of VMware Networking and Security, which are equally compelling. For more information on securing the digital workspace, visit

1IBM analysis of clients’ environments (October 2018)

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