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What’s New in Horizon 7.9 and Horizon Client 5.1

The 7.9 release of VMware Horizon and Horizon CART 5.1 are available! Read all about what you get with this release in the way of product and solution updates, plus additional resources to find out more.

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What’s New in Horizon 7.9 and Horizon Client 5.1

The 7.9 release has just emerged! Here’s what you get with this release:

Horizon 7.9 / Horizon Client 5.1 – What’s New 


To find out more, read on:

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What’s New for Horizon 7.9 Platform

The 7.9 release supports new desktop application publishing options, updated hosted application icons, and more.

VM Hosted Applications

This new feature makes it easier to publish applications for a Windows 10 desktop pool. See the feature in action in this video:

Horizon 7.9 – Desktop Application Publishing

Update Hosted Application Icons

With this new enhancement, it is now easier to differentiate between multiple copies of the same application, such as one from Windows 10 and another from RDSH. It also makes it easier to customize an existing app, which then makes it easier to find that application in Workspace ONE.

Horizon 7.9 – Update Hosted Application Icons

Longer lived Instant Clones​

The longer-lived Instant Clones now have greater feature parity with Linked Clones. Instant Clones are now supported for dedicated pools, with the same refresh options that linked clones have. Disk reclamation is supported as well.

Enhanced Drag-and-Drop Feature​

You can now use the drag-and-drop feature to transfer data from one session to another. For example, say you have a local copy of Microsoft Word with some data in it—files, folders, text, rich text, images, whatever. And you want to copy that data to a desktop published application of Word. Now you can simply drag-and-drop such data back and forth between the two sessions of Word. Take a look:

Horizon 7.9 – Enhanced Drag and Drop

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What’s New for the Horizon Console

You have probably heard about the new HTML5-based Horizon Console by now. ​We continue to drive toward feature parity with the older Flash-based Horizon Administrator, and in this release, we offer additional enhancements. Here are just a few:

  • Sessions View – In the Horizon Console, we can now import a user persistent disk and recreate a linked clone desktop for a user. ​This makes it easier to view and manage sessions across the server, and brings greater feature parity with the Horizon Administrator.
  • Events View – You can use the Horizon Console to view all events in one place. You can configure Global Policies for Multimedia Redirection, USB Access and PCoIP hardware acceleration, and policies that affect all sessions and users, from the Horizon Console. ​
  • Event Configuration – You can now use the Horizon Console to manage the events database, settings, and syslog, which continues to shrink the feature gap with the older Flash-based Horizon Administrator.
  • Manage Licensing – You can use the Horizon Console to manage Horizon licensing, including creating and editing linked-clone farms, as well as performing actions such as recompose, enable or disable provisioning, and enabling or disabling the farm.
  • Instant Clone Domain Admins – The Horizon Console contains everything you need to manage Cloud Pods; set or update the Instant Clone domain accounts; initiate or uninitiate or join Cloud Pod Architecture; create, edit, or delete global entitlements and add or delete its pools; create or edit sites and pods and set home site assignments.

Horizon Agent

What’s New for the Horizon Agent

The Horizon Agent includes improvements to both Windows and Linux versions.


The Horizon Agent for Windows now supports up to six monitors with Windows 10 1803, and provides ability to redirect Windows 10 notifications to the client in an application session.


The Horizon Agent for Linux now supports Smartcard Redirection on Ubuntu/SUSE (Ubuntu 18.04/16.04,SLED12SP3/SLES12SP3/SLED11SP4​).

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What’s New for CART 5.1

This release offers many new features and capabilities to the Horizon Clients, which improve their ability in a Horizon 7 deployment to establish the connection between endpoint devices and virtual desktops or RDSH-published applications. This release includes the previous versions of Horizon Client for Windows and Linux, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Google Android and Chrome OS, each with enhanced functionalities described briefly below.

Windows Clients

Improvements to Horizon Clients for Windows include USB filtering in CDR​, support for Windows Media Player and IE​, as well as reduced CPU footprint. Blast log rotation improvements​ now take less disk space and reduce issues. In addition, this release provides improvements in serial redirection in nested mode​, fingerprint reader redirection over USB​, prelaunch Icon Delivery​, and more.

Linux Client

Improvements to Horizon Clients for Linux include support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6. Remote desktop display over multiple monitors are now dynamically adjusted when their topology changes on Ubuntu 16.04 and 1804 or Red hat 6.10 and 7.6. ​Scanner Redirection has been added for RDSH and VDI, using both Blast and PCoIP. ​It’s also now possible to launch multiple desktops and applications within a single client session from the command line, and much more.​

Mac Client

Improvements to Horizon Clients for Mac include the ability to reflect when OS X is set to dark mode, as well as the ability to authenticate with a Gemalto .NET card. VMware Printer Redirection is also available. ​​

Universal Windows Platform Client

Improvements to Horizon Clients for UWP include the ability to identify your favorite remote desktops and published applications with a star, and select them easily. In addition, you can allow UPN or domain\username for login​, and hide Server information in the client​.

Android Client

Improvements to Horizon Clients for Android include the ability to identify your remote desktops and published applications as your favorites with a star, and select them easily.

Chrome Client

Improvements to Horizon Clients for Chrome include the ability to transfer files between the client system and a published application with the Chrome Client, while enjoying seamless Windows support. ​You can also now manage the monitor settings of the client through Google Admin Console for Chromebooks​, and launch remote desktops and applications from Workspace ONE​.

HTML Access

Improvements to HTML Access include improved copy-paste​ functionality, and support for running HTML Access on Samsung TV’s​, including Tizen 4.0 and Tizen 5.0​.


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