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What is Employee Experience and How Does it Impact Your Organization?

What is employee experience? You have probably heard the term over and over again, and it sounds great, but how do you realistically put that into action?

At VMware, we believe that employee experience is the intersection of technology, culture and physical spaces. These aren’t three mutually exclusive categories. Technology can directly or indirectly impact culture and physical spaces. For example, if your organization wants to support a remote work program or BYOD program, there is a cultural aspect to employee experience and there is the technology required to make that happen. You need to ensure your employees have access to the apps and services (like email) they need to be productive while securing confidential and proprietary information. Similarly, when an employee badges into an office with their phone instead of a physical badge, or a conference room automatically connects the presenter’s computer to the main screen, these are components of a physical space that are driven by great technology.

As we spend time with customers and conduct surveys, we’ve identified the three projects that are most critical to employee experience today and provided suggestions on how you can take action within your organization. These may seem simple, but as you’ll see from the data below, most organizations aren’t solving them effectively. And if you think you are, think again. Data shows a massive disconnect between what IT thinks and an employee’s reality.

1. The ability to easily find and install the right apps for a new task/job at work

Almost 9 out of 10 employees say this is critical for their experience at work. Yet, nearly 80% say that this experience requires some or significant improvement.

With the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub catalog, IT can aggregate all of an employee’s apps – mobile, native, web, SaaS and virtual, into a single location with a single search. This experience is consistent across devices from mobile to desktop to web and provides employees with a way to create a Favorites list that is shared across all of their devices. See a demo of the experience here.

What is employee experience
80% say the ability to easily find and install the right apps needs improvement.

2. Outside of email, having access to applications on your phone or tablet for the three most important tasks in a given workweek.

8.5 / 10 employees say this is important for a great experience at work. Yet approximately 75% of respondents say this is not the case in their organization today.

The majority of common SaaS applications today have a corresponding mobile application available for phones and tablets. However, there are still three challenges:

• How do you let the user know about the app?

With Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub notifications for new app entitlements or the ability to recommend apps to end-users, we can help drive awareness within an employee base to ensure everyone has access to the tools needed for success.

• Is the app too complex for what a user needs it for?

Some apps try to bring all of the complex capabilities to mobile, which simply isn’t practical. You may only need a subset of functionality on the device. In this case, you can simplify these workflows with a concept we call “microapps”. Build notification cards in Intelligent Hub that provide the end-user only with an experience to complete their most important task against a third party business system.

• Are the most important tasks taking place in legacy on-prem systems that may not have a mobile app?

With the Workspace ONE SDK, you can easily build applications that are focused on the UI/UX and business logic, while letting our tools handle the hard stuff – like how to authenticate, requiring app passcode, data encryption, and end-user privacy. Learn more at {code} VMware.

What is employee experience
75% say they don’t have access to applications on their phone or tablet for the three most important tasks in a given workweek.

3. New employee access to the apps and data they need to be productive on their first day.

Almost 80% of employees indicate this is important, and over 70% of those users say this experience needs improvement.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is the application for onboarding devices into corporate services. It is a simple way to easily connect a device to your corporate catalog and start accessing apps, team info, and intranet to get productive in a matter of minutes. Combine this with modern management powered by Workspace ONE UEM on desktop and Mac and we can give you access to the web apps you need to immediately start making an impact while native apps download in the background and alert you as soon as they are ready for use. No more is the reality waiting days or weeks to get your new laptop, but simply turn it on, enter your username and password, and get what you need without having to wait or visit IT.

What is employee experience
70% of users say that the experience of receiving access to the apps and data needed on day one needs improvement.

Come back next week for part two in the series about how to take your employee experience to the next level and the complex projects our customers face.

To learn more about what VMware is doing with Employee Experience, come to VMworld 2019 and look for the Employee Experience track in the VMworld Content Catalog.