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Android Series Ep 9: VMware Workspace ONE Launcher

In the previous episodes, we covered a number of Android Enterprise use cases and how to manage these with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).  Today, we want to dive deeper into Workspace ONE Launcher, which enables flexible device customization and seamless end-user experience on corporate-owned, purpose-built devices. With Workspace ONE Launcher, organizations can control every aspect of the device—from apps that users can launch to user interface (UI), policies, network, and beyond—truly enhancing the employee productivity, IT capability, and security.

Workspace ONE Launcher empowers organizations to leverage single-app or multi-app mode on shared devices to drive efficiency and save cost.

Task workers in industries, such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing routinely rely on devices with line-of-business apps to complete mission-critical business operations. These organizations often configure a fleet of devices that are shared by multiple users to save cost. Locking down these devices to a single or a set of purpose-built applications simplifies the user experience, without compromising security. For example, a retail organization may provision Android tablets for its workers with access only to inventory and time card applications that are needed for their roles. Since these workers rely on these mission-critical devices to get their job done, it’s important that organizations choose the right multi-user device management solution to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

VMware Workspace ONE Launcher is a solution that enables IT to easily configure purpose-built devices into single-app or multi-app mode with the ability to prevent user access to settings. With Workspace ONE Launcher, workers are able to authenticate into or check out a device, and dynamically receive the specific apps and settings they need. When an employee finishes using the device at the end of the shift, he/she can simply log-out, or check in the device, reverting it back to a default state that is ready for the next user.

View this Android Series video to learn more about Workspace ONE Launcher from Kevin Murray, Senior Product Manager for Android Enterprise and Workspace ONE Launcher.

Workspace ONE Launcher with Android Enterprise:

  • Increases employee productivity by enabling a smooth check-out and check-in process on shared devices, giving users instant access to the right set of mission-critical apps. By disabling the ability to download personal apps or change settings, employees stay focused on the task at hand. Now fully integrated with VMware Workspace ONE Identity Manager, Workspace ONE Launcher can leverage the most up-to-date features such as multi-factor authentication and SAML end-points with corporate branding, providing workers a consistent and simple login experience during the check-out and check-in process.
  • Improves ITs ability to configure and manage shared devices. Organizations can easily customize app access and settings, device background, and the size and configuration of icons, which can be configured across an organizational group or individual user. And since employees can pick up any device to do their job, IT can easily add or remove devices from their deployment without disrupting employee workflow.
  • Maximizes security by having full management of the device and its settings. Shared devices remain enrolled and fully managed during the check-out and check-in process, so devices remain secure, even when not in use. When in use, a lock-down state of the device is achieved by the Workspace ONE Launcher becoming the default home application, so users are not able to change settings that potentially expose devices to security vulnerabilities.

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