Earlier this week at Dell Technologies World 2019, Dell unveiled Unified Workspace, a comprehensive solution to help IT deploy, secure, manage and support endpoints from the cloud. This new solution brings together Dell devices, services and support coupled with VMware Workspace ONE and SecureWorks to give customers access to the best of PC technology, easily managed and secured, no matter where their employees want to work.

Workspace ONE transforms and automates every phase of PC management – from configuration to onboarding to pushing regular updates – and is the backbone of Dell Technologies Unified Workspace. Let’s take a closer look at how Workspace ONE is integrated into Unified Workspace to help customers deploy, manage and secure their Dell PCs alongside all other employee and corporate-owned devices.


Announced last year, Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE is a Dell service that enables customers to ship devices preconfigured with apps in the Dell factory directly to end users without IT needing to touch the device. The service enables a ready-to-work user experience on first boot with all of the apps a user needs to be productive immediately available without waiting for them to download and install. Workspace ONE provides the user with a single app catalog from which to deploy any subsequent apps based on the user’s role in the organization. Plus, the Zero Touch Restore capability enables apps and management to persist if a device needs a PC reset or recovery.

Let’s see this service in action:

Try it yourself using VMware Test Drive.

Building on Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE, the newly-announced ProDeploy for Unified Workspace adds services including asset tagging, data migration and onsite installation. Using ProDeploy for Unified Workspace to automate these services can reduce deployment time by up to 56 percent or $792 in deployment cost per PC, according to a Dell internal analysis. Additionally, a study by Principled Technologies showed that the Dell provisioning service alone can save IT more than a week of time for every 1,000 systems shipped, not to mention cost avoidance of not having to ship devices multiple times before they get in the hands of the end users.

Be sure to check out how VMware IT leverages the Dell provisioning service to achieve a cost avoidance of more than $1 million, freeing up IT time to focus on driving business value and getting devices in the hands of users faster.


With Unified Workspace, Dell Technologies introduces Dell SafeBIOS, a new off-host BIOS verification capability integrated with Workspace ONE, SecureWorks and CrowdStrike. Security operations can now proactively detect attacks against their BIOS using their Workspace ONE console. Leveraging these insights, IT can set up automated workflows in Workspace ONE to push over-the-air updates to bring out-of-compliance devices back into compliance. By integrating with our zero-trust framework, customers can take advantage of conditional access controls across the hardware (BIOS, firmware and drivers), operating system, apps, user and network levels before granting access to company resources. Dell expands on these capabilities with a robust portfolio of solutions, including CrowdStrike and SecureWorks for threat detection to provide an additional level of monitoring and visibility.


With Workspace ONE as the backbone of Unified Workspace, customers can utilize unified endpoint management technology to move beyond traditional PCLM with cloud policy management, streamlined application delivery, automated patching and improved device health monitoring and diagnostics.

And, employees benefit as well as Workspace ONE delivers a unified, digital workspace experience so they can seamlessly access any native, SaaS, or internal application with single sign-on from any device.


All of this is backed by Dell ProSupport. Threaded throughout Unified Workspace is predictive and proactive support that will only become more insightful, actionable and personalized over time. By using ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist, customers reduced time to resolve a failed hard drive up to 11x faster, according to a Dell internal analysis. With even more telemetry, the world for real-time visibility, proactive fixes and prescriptive updates opens new doors for IT to support their end users.

Unified Workspace is a perfect example of the power of integrating the best of Dell Technologies into one industry-leading solution to transform how you deploy, secure, manage and support endpoints. Stay tuned as our companies continue to work together to bring solutions to market that help our customers overcome barriers to modern PC management.


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