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Streamline Business Workflows with New Workspace ONE Mobile Flows in Intelligent Hub

Employees today are constantly on the go and information is coming at them from a variety of places. Users are bombarded with tasks and to-dos and can only humanly handle so much at one time. The mobile worker depends more and more on their smartphone to be productive while away from their desk, but a lot of traditional work can only be done in front of a desktop. Mobile users also want to get things done quickly when they have a spare few seconds – walking into meetings, standing in line for coffee or lunch, waiting in the carpool line to pick up their kids – truly anytime and anywhere.

This challenge crosses multiple industries and types of employees. Let’s take a few examples:

1. Persona: Amy

Streamline Business Workflows

a. Amy is a director of marketing who manages a team of multiple people. She is constantly being asked to approve business requests for her team, such as:

i. Travel & expense report

ii. Requests for a new laptop

iii. Relocation request

iv. Time off request

v. New hire requisition

b. Approvals are handled in different systems such as Concur, Workday, ServiceNow, Coupa, and more.

c. Amy desires to:

i. Triage approvals in a single location.

ii. See relevant information about the approval.

iii. Instantly act by approving, denying, or adding a comment.

2. Persona: Garrett

Streamline Business Workflows

a. Garrett works in sales, as a client executive at a software company. Garrett is constantly on the go, changing context between customers at any given time, and juggling multiple deals. Garrett’s manager is constantly looking at deal forecast and pipeline in the CRM system. If the CRM system is not up to date, it reflects poorly on Garrett.

b. Garrett requires the ability to quickly update data for deals on the go, without having to move back and forth between systems.

i. Keep contact lists up to date

ii. Make changes to deal amount and probability, and provide supporting evidence

iii. Approve customer quotes in order to send them out.


3. Persona: Holly

a. Holly works in IT. As a service manager, she works in multiple different ticketing systems for planning work, network change requests, and supporting colleagues to be able to work effectively. Holly normally deals with multiple tickets at once in different phases across different systems – new web development in JIRA, hardware procurement in Coupa, and network change requests in ServiceNow.

b. Holly requires the ability to:

i. Monitor or view all her tickets in a single place.

ii. See what tickets are pending her action.

iii. View information about the ticket such as description, priority, risk, previous comments, and due date.

iv. Take action on the ticket.


Streamline Business WorkflowsWhat if there was a solution to help Amy, Garrett, and Holly work more efficiently? Ideally, an experience that provides a single place for them to:

1. Prioritize and triage tasks requiring their attention

2. View relevant information to decide on the task

3. Act by approving, denying, requesting additional information, or adding comments and updates.


This should be provided to employees without requiring them to move between multiple apps, remember multiple sets of credentials, or log into a VPN system.

All of this is possible with VMware Workspace ONE mobile flows in Intelligent Hub. Check out the quick demo below to see what is possible.


Not only is this experience available in Intelligent Hub, but it is also available with Boxer!

To take advantage of and build these experiences for your employees, you need:

• Workspace ONE UEM 1903

• Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or Workspace ONE Boxer

• VMware hosted Identity Manager and Hub Services

• Workspace ONE mobile flows

What are the next steps to get approvals set up for your employees?

1. Make sure you have the pre-requisites fulfilled. See above.

2. Identify the first set of approvals and actions you want to enable.

3. Check the VMware connector library

a. Do the approvals you want already exist?

b. If no, download the VMware schema and sample connector to build your own.

c. If yes, either enable the approval in the UEM console or download the connector from GitHub to host.

4. Visit the VMware Documentation Portal for more information on mobile flows.

To learn more, visit the mobile flows webpage. For a technical deep dive into mobile flows for Boxer, check out our Tech Zone Expert Series video.