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Addressing Enterprise Software Update Challenges with Samsung E-FOTA and Workspace ONE

Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA) enables control over the deployment of new firmware on Samsung devices. Why is it important to manage updates on mobile devices and to select what firmware is on those devices? Samsung releases new versions of the Android operating system to devices to bring new features and improve device performance. But with new releases comes the possibility of mission-critical enterprise apps losing compatibility after updates or the potential of a B2B app failing to install after a firmware update. Another too common possibility is without update management users are able to decline updates that contain critical security patches leaving their devices vulnerable to threats.

VMware is working together with Samsung to alleviate these IT challenges and enable greater device security and usability by integrating Samsung E-FOTA with VMware Workspace ONE.

Manage Updates of Samsung Devices in the Workspace ONE UEM Console

With E-FOTA integrated into the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console, administrators can manage and deploy their updates together with their apps and device policies. Through Workspace ONE, IT administrators can choose specific firmware versions that are updated to devices. IT can opt to skip over versions that are not needed and go directly to a specific version. If a version containing a critical security patch is required, the device can go directly to that version, even if others had been released before or after it. This enables device security and allows for all applications as well as key features to be properly tested before devices are updated to prevent possible disruption to mobile users.

Our latest integration, available with Workspace ONE UEM 1903 (March 2019 release) includes additional functionality. Now, through the Android Updates page in the console, administrators can navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Updates and select the Android tab to configure:

  • Install method
  • Deployment start and end time
  • Server Time Zone
  • Network


Samsung E-FOTA


Administrators can schedule updates for a specified date and select a time window to install the updates without any user interaction.  This significantly reduces downtime for devices and enables users to be productive on their Samsung devices of choice. IT admins can also select Wi-Fi only mode if they do not want employees to use 3G/4G data for firmware updates.

VMware is working extensively with Samsung to integrate the E-FOTA feature with the Workspace ONE UEM console so IT administrators can manage updates alongside enterprise apps and policies. Workspace ONE integration with Samsung E-FOTA is now generally available with Workspace ONE UEM 1903 and more features will be available in upcoming releases.  Go to My Workspace ONE for the latest product information.