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Getting Started with Zero Trust: Okta + VMware Workspace ONE

This week at Okta’s Oktane 2019 event VMware will once again showcase the integration between VMware Workspace ONE and Okta, demonstrating the benefits of bringing together the leader in Unified Endpoint Management and the leader in Access Management and how this can lead you to a successful Zero Trust approach to securing your enterprise.


As IT environments continue to become more distributed, driven by ever increasing use cases for mobile devices, the mobile native culture of users increasingly expects their work IT environment to mirror that of their personal environment providing device and location flexibility. This is challenging organizations to find ways of making their data available to every employee, partner or affiliate in a method that is fast and intuitive; and secure. Very secure. Failure to deliver on this first aspect will result in failing to hire or retain the best talent. Failure to deliver on the second will also lead to new hiring searches but for different reasons.

A Zero Trust security architecture can help IT environments securely enable access for their employees. In this new white paper from VMware and Okta, we take a look at why and how access management and device management are the core technologies that organizations should start with on their Zero Trust journeys. By leveraging VMware Workspace ONE and Okta, organizations can evolve along with the Zero Trust maturity curve, moving from VPNs and passwords everywhere to a continuous, adaptive and frictionless access environment. The paper outlines the key principles of Zero Trust and includes an explanation of terms such as CARTA and BeyondCorp and how they fit into this approach.

If you are attending Oktane, be sure to stop by booth #P2 for a demonstration of how Workspace ONE and Okta can help you deliver on your Zero Trust goals. For more information on our partnership, visit https://www.vmware.com/campaigns/vmware-okta-digital-workspace-partnership.html.