Android Enterprise and EMMs are two peas in a pod. After all, EMM solutions like VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) are required to deploy Android Enterprise and enable the advanced features that make Android ready for any enterprise use case.

Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) for devices was launched last year and it was only a matter of time that the program expanded to other partner types. AER for EMMs allows organizations to select their EMM solution with confidence. This confidence stems from a validation process that ensures the partners meet a minimum set of requirements. When picking a solution with the AER validation badge, organizations know that their selections have the features available with the scalability to meet ever-evolving IT needs.

To learn more about AER for EMMs, be sure to watch this latest episode! I was joined by Will Ro from Google to discuss what AER means for mobility and to learn more about these requirements.

Let’s dive into the AER for EMMs requirements and the work done that made VMware an inaugural validated partner.

Confidence in Selection

One requirement in this area is the integration with advanced feature sets. Workspace ONE UEM has consistently worked with Google to bring our customers the latest and greatest features with Android Enterprise. 2 out of 3 of the Android Enterprise solutions sets (work profile mode, fully managed device mode and dedicated device support) was a validation requirement and we are proud that we support all three solution sets and also support corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE or work profile on a fully managed device). The other part of this requirement is having the technical expertise to be able to support our Android Enterprise customers. So, AER is more than just being technically equipped, it’s also about providing help and knowledge for our customers to make the most of their Android Enterprise deployments.

Consistency in Deployment

This area means that we have standardized our management around Android Enterprise and that we have the proven ability to deploy. Android Enterprise has been front and center of our Android deployments for a while. We recognize its power and ability to support any enterprise use case, so we made Android Enterprise the default in the Workspace ONE UEM console and device administrator (legacy Android) is only configurable by exception. Another part of this requirement is uniform documentation and as always, our product documentation can be found on My Workspace ONE.

 An Up to Date Solution

To maintain a scalable solution, it’s important for EMMs to be able to keep up to date with the latest features released by the operating systems. VMware will continue to maintain our close relationship with Google to stay up to date with our latest product features. This also includes regular updates to our product documentation and internal product training to ensure we keep that expertise for our customers.

VMware is proud to be an initial AER validated partner and is excited to continue this partnership as the program is expanded to include more functionality. To keep up with the latest, be sure to check back to our EUC blog!