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Managing Devices To Ensure Focus Is On Tomorrow Rather Than Yesterday

Those time-consuming IT requests and issues from yesteryear are still apparent today – particularly with a boom in the use of mobile devices in the workplace — but as IT itself has become much more important to business outcomes, the requirement to deal with these issues shouldn’t have to rely solely on the IT department.

Instead, many businesses are taking a fresh and modern approach towards managing their computing solutions; it’s about having the right devices and services, and ensuring you have support from anywhere in the world – with complete confidence that these devices can be managed and secured easily, regardless of operating system.

With VMware Workspace ONE and HP Device as a Service (DaaS), IT professionals can spend less time on managing hardware, and more time supporting users and on other priorities for their business.

So how do they work in tandem?

VMware Workspace ONE and HP Device as a Service (DaaS)

VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), powered by AirWatch technology is an integrated platform that securely enables IT to empower their workforce to adopt the technologies they need.

It provides a holistic and user-centric approach to managing all endpoints in an organization, ranging from mobile and desktop to the Internet of Things (IoT). The platform simplifies app access and management, modernize the way Windows 10 is managed, leverages a single platform to manage all devices regardless of ownership model and lowers the cost of delivering virtual desktops and apps.

HP DaaS provides a new service model for computing in which hardware, analytics, support, proactive management and lifecycle services are combined. HP Device as a Services includes the option for HP Service Experts to provide a unified endpoint management service for customers multi-OS devices. HP Service Experts use HP TechPulse and VMware Workspace ONE to secure and manage customer devices by utilizing Workspace ONE along with HP TechPulse, HP Service Experts will be able to provide comprehensive management to help customers increase efficiency, improve employee experience and optimize IT assets resources.

This means IT teams can be more efficient and IT budgets are more predictable, particularly with a one price per device contract that enables organizations to scale up or down as they need. HP DaaS provides unique analytics and actionable reports about device health. IT can identify, predict and address issues with HP TechPulse—analytics that use machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights that help optimize IT spending and resources. Those same old concerns from employees about batteries, hard drives and blue screen errors can be tackled before they affect end users. What’s more, the enterprise can even keep a check on CPU utilization, so you know which employees could use a more cost-efficient model while still being highly productive. For example, some employees may not require the use of CPU-intensive software that specialists use. Therefore, the company could save money by buying a device which doesn’t come with the fastest CPU, while investing more in devices for employees that require high-end processors and extended battery life.

With HP Device as a Service, customers can transform their device acquisition and unified endpoint management to a consumption-based service delivered through the cloud. Leave the worries of yesteryear to us and concentrate on the future of your business.

To learn more on HP DaaS visit: https://www8.hp.com/us/en/services/daas.html