Securing Access in the Digital Workspace with RSA SecurID® Access and VMware Workspace ONE

Dec 20, 2018
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a senior product line marketing manager for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit, specializing in security.

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Written in collaboration with Tony Karam, Sr Consultant, Product Marketing, RSA

In today’s digital era, data needs to flow freely across workforces, ecosystems and economies. However, this presents big challenges as organizations also need to secure access to data and resources, while protecting customer and user privacy. To complicate matters further, users now expect simple “click and go” experiences, from any device to any on-prem, mobile or cloud-based application – all with their own unique access workflows and policies. These “islands of identities” along with an evolving landscape of sophisticated cyber security attacks are causing organizations to rethink their approach to access and identity assurance.

Organizations need to bridge these islands and ensure they have maximum visibility and control over who has access to what, while also providing common access and user experience. Together, VMware and RSA can help organizations minimize their identity risk and simplify access to any app from any device to help keep corporate data safe and personally identifiable information private. Combining VMware Workspace ONE and RSA SecurID Access gives organizations unified application access and strong authentication solution that spans access to all applications, wherever they live. We’ve partnered together to help transform security across the digital workspace, helping provide employees with consistent application access across any device, that’s consumer-simple and enterprise secure.

Continuous Identity Monitoring, Device Context, Insights and Automation

Having visibility and insight across an organization can also help minimize your risk exposure. With RSA SecurID Access, organizations can leverage RSA machine learning technology to create a baseline of historical access behavior. Machine learning allows organizations to move authentication from being a static decision to one that is continuously assessed. Organizations can combine this machine learning with Workspace ONE to gather detailed information about the security posture of their Android, Chrome OS, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices. Device information, such as jailbroken or unpatched devices, can quickly identify which devices pose an increased security risk. Workspace ONE Intelligence can then provide insights through dashboards and reports, and automation with actions and notifications, to help increase security even further. The combination of RSA SecurID Access and the Workspace ONE platform gives organizations holistic visibility with more context, ensuring that only known users and trusted devices get access to applications and data, which ultimately minimizes their risk.


Consumer-Simple, Enterprise Secure

Organizations need to remain agile in order to compete effectively in today’s mobile-cloud era. They need digital workspaces that provide users consumer-simple access to any application from any device, without compromising security. Users can access their digital workspaces through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or browser, giving them single sign-on and a common experience across all their applications. The seamless integration between RSA SecurID Access and Workspace ONE gives IT a broad set of modern multi-factor authentication options for end users to securely access their apps at their convenience. Organizations can use these options, including mobile push to approve or machine learning analytics, individually or in combination to ensure the level of access control is appropriate for the level of risk.


Two Companies, One Vision

VMware and RSA believe that information about users and their devices is critical to securing your enterprise. As organizations seek to harness rapid technology acceleration, transforming their IT environments and their workforces to better compete in their markets; they must transform their security strategies in parallel. Together, VMware and RSA are meeting these challenges head-on. With VMware Workspace ONE and RSA SecurID Access, organizations and their end users can enjoy the modern conveniences of access to their digital workspaces without needing to compromise on security.


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