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New Forrester TEI Study Shows Significant ROI and Benefits with Workspace ONE Modern Management for Windows 10

Every release of Windows 10 is a step towards the desktop OS evolving to be more mobile-like; as evident by the OS changes such as built-in mobile management APIs, more frequent cloud updates, modern apps, and more. These mobile-cloud changes allow real-time, over-the-air management of PCs anywhere driving “modern management;” and overcome traditional PC lifecycle Management (PCLM) limitations of high-IT touch and cost, and being bound to network connected PCs living “inside the company perimeter.”

Modern management is all about radical simplification and automation of PC management tasks, leveraging techniques that customers have long taken advantage of with MDM – reducing IT costs, improving security, and ensuring a better user experience. And it’s a far better fit for the modern workforce that is more mobile and often remote and off the corporate network.

Modern management is a core tenant of VMware Workspace ONE, which makes it easier for customers to move from the legacy on-premises, end-user computing model to the modern architecture built for the mobile-cloud. When it comes to Windows 10 modern management, the intelligence-driven Workspace ONE platform provides the fastest time to value with minimal IT and user disruption. As validated in this Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Workspace ONE drives significant cost savings, security improvements and user efficiencies for Windows 10.

Accelerating Time to Value for Windows 10 Modern Management

The study that looked at three large customers using Workspace ONE for their Windows 10 desktops reported a significant 139% ROI with a 7-month payback. For a composite organization with 12,000 employees, this meant a Net Present Value (NPV) of US $2.7M.

Forrester TEI
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The study showed customers expected cost savings and benefits across every phase of the PC lifecycle: PC deployment and configuration, app request and delivery, endpoint security, help desk/support calls, and other indirect and unquantified benefits. For example, the study found that IT admins are expected to reduce work time required to deliver apps to users by 92%, which also results in end-user productivity improvements. Frontline support calls for security and management is expected to reduce 10% and tier 2 escalations by 46%. Real-time, cloud-based management allows IT to stay on top of patching requirements and lower enterprise security risk. Read the full report here.

Forrester TEI
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Although Windows 10 and modern management benefits are apparent, for many organizations—enterprises in particular—a migration is not a simple rip-and-replace of the OS and current PCLM tools. It also entails rethinking and retooling of management processes and philosophies. Heavy investments in existing PCLM tools and processes, internal resource and skill constraints and the cost of switching often prove to be the key bottlenecks for this transition to a modern OS and management.

A robust modern management solution should therefore meet the customer where they are on their Windows 10 journey – whether you are making a clean move to the cloud for specific use cases (e.g. remote workforce), fully migrating to modern management across all PCs and use cases, or taking an iterative approach using co-management for specific workloads. In each of these scenarios, the goal must be to get to modern management faster and realize maximum cost and IT efficiencies. And VMware Workspace ONE is helping the customer do just that!

Accelerating the Move to Windows 10 Modern Management

At VMworld, we announced new capabilities for Workspace ONE, making it the industry-first and only Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform that transforms every aspect of a customer’s Windows 10 modern management journey – essentially pulling the plug on barriers that customers typically faced when considering modern management migrations.

Workspace ONE is now recognized as a leader in UEM by analysts for supporting unique PCLM use cases beyond the basic Windows 10 MDM capabilities in the OS including:

  • “Ready-to-work” desktop shipped straight to the user, pre-loaded with work apps – ensuring day zero productivity at significantly lower TCO
  • Turnkey industry standard policy templates (e.g. CIS benchmarks) to give 100% GPO coverage from the cloud without having to sift through 1000s of settings
  • Unique predictive OS upgrades and patching based on device and app readiness score and CVE scans
  • Support for peer-to-peer Win32 software distribution to deliver software at scale without the need for large distribution infrastructure
  • And many others such as firmware-level OEM integration, full BitLocker lifecycle management, Intelligence and AirLift that automates and de-risks modern management migration

Workspace ONE continues to out-innovate other traditional and modern Windows 10 management solutions. By combining cloud-based modern management with intelligent insights and automation, Workspace ONE has taken a leap beyond PC Lifecycle Management; and now offers best-in-class “PC lifecycle transformation” for our customers. These radical new experiences will help IT and security teams dramatically reduce costs, improve device compliance and incident response times; all while ensuring a peak user experience across every client and use case – whether physical, virtual, or PCaaS.

“Cutting-edge IT organizations are enabling a next generation workspace for their users that is free of endpoint silos. They are not asking for PCLM 2.0; they are demanding Desktop Transformation Tools! With Workspace ONE, we deliver our customers a transformative new approach to end-user computing and Windows 10 modern management.” – Shankar Iyer, SVP and Co-GM, VMware EUC

I encourage readers to start trying out these features first hand on VMware TestDrive or one of our pre-scripted Windows 10 Hands-on-Labs. #Dare2Compare

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