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Deliver Next Level Experiences on Mobile with Workspace ONE Mobile Flows

This year at VMworld 2018, we announced several ways we are making it easier for our customers to provide a better user experience for their users. It has never been more imperative for IT to focus on building a better experience. Companies and organizations are putting new investments into mobile technologies and digital tools to increase employee engagement scores, drive productivity, transform business processes and delight their customers. Consistently, organizations cite the need to offer exceptional employee experiences in a competitive labor market. One way we are continuing to innovate on experience is with Workspace ONE mobile flows.

It’s never been easier to deliver apps with a high-quality user experience through Mobile Flows.

What is Workspace ONE Mobile Flows?

A capability we have built on top of the Workspace ONE platform which provides the framework for organizations to build context-based actions and notification workflows within mobile apps and surface contextual information and actions from various business systems for line of business users to be more productive, and also making it easier for enterprise app development teams to comply with IT policies while maintaining enterprise security and organization compliance regulations on the cloud and on the edge.

How can customers use it within their organizations?

After talking to several customers, we observed that every vertical had their own set of use cases and even within each organization, there were use cases particular to specific user groups. To ensure the versatility of mobile flows, we have designed our solution in a way that helps our customers to build on top of the platform to deliver the value to the end-user that addresses their specific use cases. For example, a healthcare customer can look to solve for use cases that can help their doctors and nurses be more proactive in responding to patients that results in increased customer satisfaction, whereas a retail customer might look to solve for use cases that help their employees be able to respond to internal requests in the least amount of time that results in optimizing their business processes and improving their bottom line.

There are countless ways mobile flows can be utilized by an organization to provide value to their IT teams and employees. We offer our customers with two methods to build on top of Mobile flows: 1) Build their own custom connectors using language-neutral mobile flows connector framework that can tie into their custom business systems, or 2) Take advantage of pre-built out of the box workflows which we have open-sourced on GitHub, to provide day 1 value to our customers via mobile flows.

Mobile flows integration with VMware Boxer

Email is the tool used by employees every single day, where they get hundreds and thousands of relevant messages and content that helps them contribute and collaborate with everyone within and outside of their organization. We have integrated mobile flows within VMware Boxer to surface relevant information cards for users and for them to be able to take further actions right from their email and be even more productive.

Here are some examples of how our customers have utilized Mobile flows

[box] 1. Driving app adoption within their org and reducing security risk – at times when IT groups release a new version of an app with a critical security update, they notify users to update to the latest version of the application via email – VMware Boxer surfaces a Mobile flow card that lets the users to install the new version directly from Workspace ONE right from the VMware Boxer app, resulting in driving app adoption and reducing security risk.[/box]

[box] 2. Enhancing sales team productivity – when the sales team receive an email from customers, based on the recipient’s email address, VMware Boxer surfaces information about the customer deal from Salesforce, allowing sales team to consume contextual and latest information about the customer deal and also post updates to the opportunity right from the VMware Boxer app, without having to switch to Salesforce app or logging in from their browser, resulting in increasing their productivity.[/box]

[box] 3. Improving business agility – if employees request for an expense approval or put in a procurement request, managers receiving the approval email get an approval Mobile flow card surface to be able to take immediate action right from their VMware Boxer app, resulting in faster approval times and improving business agility.[/box]

We are excited about the response we have received from our customers about mobile flows and the different ways they have implemented it across their organizations. We are working hard to continue to deliver more contextual based solutions and value to our customers across Workspace ONE apps and services through mobile flows in the coming few months. Stay tuned for more.

Getting started with Mobile flows

If you are interested in learning more about how Mobile flows platform can help you with your organization business goals and IT needs, then contact our VMware sales team for further information and discussions.

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