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Troubleshoot iOS Devices with Advanced Remote View

VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), powered by AirWatch technology, enables IT to manage any endpoint and any use case from a single location. UEM supports devices throughout their entire lifecycles, bringing a modern management approach to any device from onboarding to deprovisioning. As more employees break outside the enterprise perimeter, it’s important to have the capability to support devices. UEM allows just that with the new Advanced Remote View for iOS is available in our Workspace ONE UEM 9.7.0 console release to help organizations troubleshoot issues and keep devices working properly.

Introducing Advanced Remote View

Advanced Remote View is a new capability from Workspace ONE UEM that allows administrators to remotely view a live stream of an end user’s iOS 11+ device screen. This prevents the need of tedious back and forth messaging between IT and end users trying to explain often complex and specific concepts on devices. Imagine resolving issues and closing help desk requests in minutes instead of days or weeks and allowing devices to get back in the field to complete their business-critical missions.

Why Remote View?

Today, we are seeing iOS devices in all facets of the enterprise and across industries. From airline electronic flight bags, mobile point of sale units, and knowledge worker devices, to iOS powers exceptional mobile experiences. Visibility into iOS devices is paramount to any organization needing these devices to be constantly connected. And with Advanced Remote View, organizations are able to troubleshoot and diagnose issues that may be occurring on the device and provide guided assistance to employees in the field. This reduces the risk of down-time to keep business-critical workflows in full operation.

What Does Advanced Remote View Look Like?

With Advanced Remote View, IT can guide end-users through troubleshooting steps on their device. The admin goes to device details in the Workspace ONE UEM console and initiates the Advanced Remote View session for the device in question. When the admin selects Start Remote View, a notification will be sent to the end-user’s device asking them to broadcast their device. This protects the user’s privacy since an action is required on the user’s end to initiate the remote viewing session.Advanced Remote ViewAfter the end-user starts broadcasting their device, the administrator is able to remotely view the end-user’s actions and walk them through the assistance that they require. They can then go through basic troubleshooting steps like check device settings, perform MDM commands, and review reproduction steps initiated by the end-user on the device. The admin can gain valuable insights through the Advanced Remote View interface and see details such as network status, battery and storage.

Advanced Remote View

VMware Advanced Remote View is available today and requires Workspace ONE UEM 9.7.0, iOS 11+, and Advanced Remote Management add-on service. To learn more about our latest support for iOS, check out our guides on My Workspace ONE.