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Bolstering Digital Workspace Security with Workspace ONE Trust Network

Four new partners – Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro and Zscaler – join support for Workspace ONE Trust Network, helping organizations secure employees, apps, endpoints and networks across the evolving digital workspace.

Workspace ONE Trust Network

We launched Workspace ONE Trust Network earlier this year to help organizations break down security solution silos and simplify the task of securing the digital workspace. With inherent security capabilities built into the Workspace ONE platform, customers can take advantage of managing and securing any app on any device using, for example, data loss prevention (DLP) policies, encryption, and access management. In addition, customers can leverage their existing investments in industry-leading security solutions as part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network ecosystem. These security solutions connect to the Workspace ONE platform through Workspace ONE Intelligence, where customers can see a full view of their devices and users, along with the threats that are targeting them.

Security across any environment takes a village and that’s why at VMworld 2018 US, we were excited to announce an expansion to our Workspace ONE Trust Network ecosystem with four new partners, including Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro and Zscaler. While there are many examples of integration points we’re working on with these partners as a part of Workspace ONE Trust Network, let’s take a look at how integrations with the four new partners will look.

Check Point

Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile is a mobile threat defense (MTD) solution that helps protect devices from advanced cyber attacks and when combined with Workspace ONE, helps turn up the security posture of a digital workspace. Let’s say a user connects to an unknown Wi-Fi network from their Workspace ONE managed mobile device, upon which they’re prompted to install a profile with a certificate on the device. Once the profile is installed, a malicious actor can monitor traffic on that user’s device. SandBlast Mobile can detect this threat and relay it to Workspace ONE through Workspace ONE Intelligence, which is the connection point for all Workspace ONE Trust Network integrations. Using Workspace ONE Intelligence automation capabilities, the user can be notified of the vulnerability through email and Slack, and corporate applications can be removed from the Workspace ONE managed device. When the user gets back to a compliant state with the malicious profile and certificate removed, the apps can automatically be reinstalled on the mobile device.

“Today’s Fifth Generation cyberattacks are the most advanced and impactful large scale, multi-vector mega attacks ever seen. Previous generations of cyber security are simply not enough to protect businesses. Endpoints, mobile devices and cloud applications are the most vulnerable access points for attackers. Check Point’s products integrations with Workspace ONE will assist customers in resolving the complexities of growing connectivity and inefficient security.” Daniel Dor, Mobile Security Go-To-Market Manager, Check Point Software Technologies

Trust Network

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls detect known and unknown threats to reduce risk and help secure organizations. These next-generation firewalls can detect DLP incidents to help keep companies in compliance. For example, companies typically have policies that prohibit copying of sensitive data, such as documents with social security numbers, to a non-corporate application, like personal Dropbox. On a Workspace ONE managed device, Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls can detect this threat. As part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network, interoperability with Workspace ONE Intelligence will allow IT to take action against this threat by automating policies to notify the user of the compliance violation via push notification and asking for step-up or additional authentication to other corporate apps on that device.

“Workspace ONE Trust Network will combine insights from the intelligence-driven Workspace ONE platform with the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to deliver predictive and automated security in the digital workspace. This enables organizations to protect their sensitive data across endpoints, mobile devices and in the cloud.“ Terry Ramos, VP Business Development, Palo Alto Networks

Trust Network

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites protects users from advanced threats with endpoint detection and response (EDR). If an advanced threat, a Trojan attack for example, is detected on a Workspace ONE managed Windows 10 endpoint, Trend Micro can alert Workspace ONE Intelligence. IT can set up automation rules to help remediate this attack, including removing a VPN profile on the device so that the user can’t access corporate resources, removing the user’s email profile on Workspace ONE Boxer, and creating a ServiceNow ticket for a technician to help quarantine the device further. All endpoints affected by the Trojan attack can also quickly be viewed in dashboards available in Workspace ONE Intelligence, which is available in the Workspace ONE UEM console.Trust Network


Using Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA), Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and Zscaler Application (Z App), authorized users can securely connect to SaaS or to corporate, internally-managed applications from any device in any location. An example of the integration between these Zscaler products and Workspace ONE if as follow: if a user with a Workspace ONE managed Android device disables the passcode, weakening the device’s security posture, automation rules in Workspace ONE Intelligence can remove corporate apps, such as Salesforce and OneDrive, from the user’s device. Additionally, a policy update can be pushed to Zscaler ZIA to ensure that any attempts to access these services via a browser will also be blocked. Once the user enables the passcode on his or her device, the corporate apps will be available to be reinstalled on the Android device.

“Zscaler built its solutions 100 percent in the cloud to serve the needs of the mobile-first and cloud-first enterprise,” said Amit Raikar, Zscaler senior director of business development. “We are proud to be part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network, bringing policy-based access that scales to meet the security needs of any size company. By focusing on securing the user and the application instead of the network, Zscaler and Workspace ONE together seamlessly deliver a superior user experience with increased agility and security.”

Trust Network

Workspace ONE Trust Network Ecosystem

Along with the 4 partners announced above, we’re also excited to start integrating our VMware NSX and VMware AppDefense platforms with Workspace ONE Intelligence, as part of our Workspace ONE Trust Network ecosystem. We showed what this integration will look like in the Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World showcase keynote at VMworld a couple weeks ago (fast forward to the 49:00 mark). Administrators can leverage Workspace ONE Intelligence to apply automation rules for remediation with NSX and AppDefense. If threats are detected on devices, users or apps, Workspace ONE Intelligence can call on NSX and AppDefense to further mitigate risk of the threat entering the datacenter. NSX can apply security tags to push endpoints to remediation networks and AppDefense can lock down datacenter endpoints, further reducing the attack surface in the datacenter.

We will continue to continue to expand our ecosystem of security partners through Workspace ONE Trust Network. For more information on Workspace ONE Trust Network, visit our VMware Solutions Exchange. If you’re joining us at VMworld 2018 Europe, we look forward to seeing you there!