Digital Workspace Security Roundup at VMworld 2018

Sep 7, 2018
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a Director of Product Marketing for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit.

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The benefits of delivering a digital workspace using Workspace ONE were on full display at VMworld US in Las Vegas last week. Customers and partners took advantage of hearing from expert perspectives in general sessions, breakout sessions, and quick talks, and learned about new trends and technologies helping to empower the digital workspace.

One of the key focal points in empowering a digital workspace is security, which is why it’s imperative to have a solid digital workspace security strategy in place. Because of the way employees work today, the security perimeter has dissolved and threats have grown, evolved and adapted accordingly. In our Digital Workspace Keynote at VMworld this year, we highlighted a new approach to security in this new world, one that focused on Zero Trust. Zero Trust implies never trust anything or anybody and instead always verify. We showed a couple of examples of how to enable Zero Trust security in the digital workspace with Workspace ONE, by focusing on the main attack vectors of a digital workspace – starting with users or employees, who use apps, that reside on endpoints or devices, which access network resources.

Focusing on users, the Workspace ONE platform has many native access management capabilities inherently built-in to protect employees including single sign-on into apps, multi-factor authentication and conditional access. We showcased these capabilities in our “Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to All Your Apps, Devices and Data” breakout session. At the same time, we also realize our customers have investments in existing identity solutions. Earlier this year, we announced a partnership with Okta to bring advanced identity capabilities to the digital workspace by integrating Workspace ONE and the Okta Identity Cloud.

In our “Minimize Security Risk and Achieve Zero Trust with Workspace ONE” breakout session, we dove deep into applying Zero Trust principles across the other digital workspace attack vectors. Here is where we showed how customers can leverage native security capabilities in the Workspace ONE platform for apps, devices and networks, including encryption, tunneling, data loss prevention (DLP) policies and secure productivity apps. We also announced an expansion of our ecosystem of partners supporting Workspace ONE Trust Network, which now includes four new partners: CheckPoint, Palo Alto Networks, TrendMicro and Zscaler. This is in addition to the existing partner integrations we are working on, including tech previews of Workspace ONE Trust Network with Carbon Black, Lookout, and Netskope. For more info on Workspace ONE Trust Network, watch the “Ask the Experts: How Workspace ONE Trust Network Secures Your EUC Ecosystem” quick talk from last week.

To round out Zero Trust security for the digital workspace, Workspace ONE Intelligence helps strengthen security and compliance by bringing insights and automation to the digital workspace. In our Digital Workspace Keynote, we showed a demo of how Workspace ONE Intelligence can use threat intelligence from our Trust Network partners, combine it with potential risk analytics in the Workspace ONE platform, and use automation to secure data. For more details, be sure to watch the “Discover The Latest Workspace ONE Intelligence Capabilities and Use Cases” breakout session.

There was no shortage of buzz around Workspace ONE last week and if you happened to miss any of the sessions, refer to the links above. For more information on Workspace ONE, visit

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