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VMworld 2018 End-User Computing Hands-On Labs Highlights

For many attendees, one of the highlights of being at VMworld every year is the debut of the latest hands-on labs. It is a chance to experience the latest versions of VMware products and solutions. If you are not familiar with the VMworld Hands-on Labs take a look at the Hands-on Labs – VMworld 2018 US page.

Hands-on Labs

We have been busy creating new labs for 2018. Let’s take a look at the new crop of this year’s End-User Computing self-paced labs.

Virtual Workspace Services

This category of labs includes Horizon 7 Enterprise, Horizon Cloud Service, and the Workspace ONE Integrations with the VMware Horizon product set.

New to Horizon 7 or Workspace ONE? The Getting Started labs are for you.

  • SPL-1951-01 VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise – This lab is geared towards the beginner and has great introductory material on Horizon 7.
  • SPL-1951-01-VWS – VMware Workspace ONE –The main focus is on providing an introductory understanding of how VMware Horizon integrates with Workspace ONE.

Experienced Horizon 7 user? Focus on the advanced labs. These labs provide a deeper dive into technologies and products, including Horizon Instant Clone Technology, App Volumes, User Environment Manager, JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform), Horizon 7 with VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Identity Manager, and RDSH-published applications. There is also a great troubleshooting lab that covers Horizon 7, App Volumes, and User Environment Manager.

  • SPL-1951-03-VWS – VMware Workspace ONE – Advanced – Learn how to provide seamless access for end users to Horizon 7 applications and desktops. Configure access to SAML-based web applications, and explore multi-factor authentication to enhance security.
  • SPL-1951-04-VWS – VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise – Advanced – Learn about and configure Horizon 7 Enterprise Instant Clones, Horizon Apps, and Horizon with VMware Cloud on AWS.  Be sure and check out the new Horizon on VMware Cloud feature in module 3.
  • SPL-1951-05-VWS – VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise – Security, Operations, and Troubleshooting – Learn to troubleshoot certificates and use the Horizon Help Desk Tool and the new Performance Tracker.
  • SPL-1951-06-VWS VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Advanced – Work with JMP, App Volumes, and User Environment Manager.

Interested in our Horizon Cloud Service? We have one lab for Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure and another lab for Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure. These labs show you what the administrator’s experience is like.

  • SPL-1954-01-ISM – VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure – Getting Started – Deploy and manage desktops and applications in the cloud using VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.
  • SPL-1955-01-ISM – VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure – Getting Started – Install and configure VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure. Publish desktops, entitle users to desktops and applications, manage the user environment, and explore integration with Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE UEM

This category of labs includes Workspace ONE UEM (Unified Endpoint Management), formerly known as AirWatch, along with VMware Identity Manager, VMware Unified Access Gateway, and Workspace ONE Productivity Applications.

Workspace ONE UEM labs: If you are interested in Workspace ONE UEM we have labs that cover the basics of using the Admin Console and labs for managing several of the device types supported in the platform, such as iOS, Android, Windows 10, and macOS.

  • SPL-1957-01-UEM – Integrate Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Identity Manager to enable single sign-on from any device to any application, and deploy applications through Workspace ONE.
  • SPL-1957-04-UEM – Use Workspace ONE UEM to manage Windows 10 endpoints with policy configuration, OS patch management, software distribution, and security. Explore SCCM co-management capabilities to transition from traditional to modern management for Windows 10.
  • SPL-1957-05-UEM – Use Workspace ONE UEM to manage iOS and macOS deployments, including enrollment, management options, application deployment, device restrictions, and more. Manage Apple platform-specific features and monitor the user experience for Apple devices.
  • SPL-1957-06-UEM – Use Workspace ONE UEM to manage Android devices, including enrollment, management options, and security.

VMware Identity Manager lab: To learn more about VMware Identity Manager, including how it integrates with Workspace ONE UEM and other identity providers, check out the following lab.

  • SPL-1957-02-UEM – Explore using Workspace ONE Identity Manager as the primary identity provider, or federate your authentication to other third-party identity providers to provide single sign-on capabilities and access policies that provide a rich user experience.

Workspace ONE analytics and automation lab: Take some time to introduce yourself to one of the latest features of Workspace ONE, the Intelligence offering. This lab will give you a look at some of the latest features that are available in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

  • SPL-1957-03-UEM – Configure Workspace ONE to provide rich analytics from your deployments and applications. Automate operational tasks and operating system updates and patches.

Unified Access Gateway lab: VMware Unified Access Gateway is becoming an integral part of any Workspace ONE environment. If you are interested learning about some of the latest features in Unified Access Gateway come and check out this lab.

  • SPL-1957-08-UEM – The Unified Access Gateway can empower your digital workforce by allowing authorized users and devices to securely access internal resources from anywhere. Learn how to deploy the Unified Access Gateway and understand best practices and deployment configurations for enterprise-level security.


If you are heading to VMworld 2018  in Las Vegas, in August, or Barcelona, in November, be sure to hit the hands-on labs area and give some of these labs a go.

Or . . . if you are not heading to VMworld, the labs will be available in the public HOL catalog later this fall. So, check back with the HOL catalog later this fall.


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