Effective Protection with Mobile Threat Defense

Jul 9, 2018
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a Director of Product Marketing for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit.

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Guest blog by Vivien Raoul, CTO, Pradeo

As the workplace is increasingly more mobile, organizations must adapt their security strategies to secure their users. Mobility is an intrinsically ambivalent phenomenon, halfway between an undeniable gain in productivity and flexibility for workers and a large security hole for IT. This dilemma sets the stage for Mobile Threat Defense solutions to help offer a brand new approach in securing a constantly evolving threat landscape.

Mobile Threat Defense

From Mobile Device Management to Mobile Protection

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms such as VMware Airwatch build the foundational piece of digital workspace strategy. These platforms help organizations gain control over device management and setting up a more secure, compliant environment. EMM is evolving into Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), led by platforms such as VMware Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch. This evolution is helping IT manage multiple types of devices and apps with a unified platform using modern management.

With mobile threats, malware, and vulnerabilities on the rise, Mobile Threat Defense solutions have entered the mobility ecosystem to bring an innovative approach to mobile security and complement EMM and UEM platforms. Threats have to start being dynamically detected on devices and security data processed to identify new attack schemes. Using Mobile Threat Defense, the accuracy of the detection is the cornerstone of the effectiveness of the protection.

Pradeo, a leading Mobile Threat Defense provider, a mobile security expert and member of the VMware Mobile Security Alliance, developed a unique artificial intelligence engine that processes billions of security artifacts to draw inferences and empower an efficient Mobile Threat Defense strategy. Mobile management and protection are inextricably linked and both Pradeo and AirWatch have developed integration to provide customers with a seamless management of mobile security. To proactively protect the mobile workforce, Pradeo Security technology is available to VMware Airwatch users through its integration with Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense solution.

5 Key Success Factors of Mobile Threat Defense

Picking an effective mobile threat protection solution should cover the following requirements:

  1. 360° coverage: Mobile threats can penetrate enterprises’ environments through mobile applications, networks, and the devices’ operating system. To fully ensure mobile device protection, all of these entry points must be secured.
  2. Real-time protection: Mobile device status changes all the time and only real-time device scanning performed by an on-device agent can fully ensure the protection of a mobile fleet.
  3. Accuracy: A powerful detection capability is the foundation of the mobile security principle. An accurate detection will reduce false positives while better detecting and preventing zero-day attacks.
  4. Flexibility: As mobility use increases and raises productivity, CISO, IT and collaborators need agile and flexible solutions to meet these demands. A Mobile Threat Defense solution should be autonomous, adaptable to all environments (Android, iOS, etc.) and be able to integrate with a leading EMM or UEM solution.
  5. Customization: Data protection regulations, industry requirements, and internal security policies make every organization different from the other. Therefore, customization of the solution is crucial to its effectiveness.

Mobile Threat Defense Guide

To explore this topic further, Pradeo published a Mobile Threat Defense Guide aimed at addressing the core questions to be asked when planning on setting up mobile security:

  • What are the foundations of mobile threat defense?
  • Why existing security boundaries falls short in countering mobile threats?
  • What to expect from a mobile threat defense solution and what are the pitfalls to be avoided?


For more information on Pradeo, visit pradeo.com and for more information on AirWatch and VMware, visit vmware.com.


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