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You’re Invited to the Digital Workspace Keynote at VMworld

Are you ready for Las Vegas – the sun, the glitz, the glamour, and come August 26-30 – powerful sessions at VMworld? If so, you won’t want to miss the Digital Workspace Showcase Keynote: End-User Computing and Mobility Live!

Register today to be among the first of your peers to hear End User Computing GM’s Shankar Iyer and Noah Wasmer and CTO Shawn Bass unveil the latest VMware Workspace ONE announcements, discuss the hottest digital trends, and provide guidance on how your organization can manage, deliver and consume the digital workspace.


Digital Workspace Keynote

There has never been a better time to be working in end-user computing. Organizations are investing in and embracing mobile technologies and digital tools to increase employee engagement, drive productivity, transform business processes, and delight their customers.  While organizations are working hard to support solutions that empower employees, they have to also contend with ever-growing security threats and a dissolving network perimeter. Only a comprehensive digital workspace platform can solve these challenges.

The Digital Workspace showcase keynote will feature our leaders, ecosystem partners, and customers of VMware’s end-user computing business that includes Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch and Horizon. We’ll bring you the latest news, demonstrations, insights, and information you can use to be an agent of change in your organization.

Join us for the Digital Workspace keynote to learn how:

  • Modern Management is making intelligent automation possible so IT can get out of the business of managing devices, and focus on empowering employees. Learn about the latest unified endpoint management capabilities that eliminate the need for IT to ever touch a device again.
  • Modern Management extends beyond the world of physical devices and extends to virtual and cloud-based apps and desktops as well. Learn how VMware is unifying the intelligent management of apps and devices and extending on-premises environments to the cloud.
  • Once a Digital Workspace Platform is established, new employee services and experiences can be delivered that transform business processes and engage employees. We’ll share some of the latest employee experience and application innovations that help IT design for adoption.

This is a must see VMworld session! Register today for the Digital Workspace keynote.


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