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Introducing Horizon Client for Chrome 4.8

The new Horizon Client for Chrome 4.8 is here!

The Horizon team’s strategy for Chromebooks is like finger jello, with lots of colorful layers. We generally recommend that customers install the Horizon Client for Android from the Google Play Store. But some older Chromebooks can’t access to the Google Play store. For those users, we have a new, completely rewritten Horizon Client for Chrome. The new Chrome 4.8 client is more stable and will be easier to maintain.

However, the new client does not work with all Horizon Connection Servers. Happily, the new client works with all versions of Horizon 6 and Horizon version 7.5 or later with no alteration.

Chrome 4.8-1

If your organization is running Horizon 7 version 7.0 – 7.3, please get in touch with VMware support for a copy of our previous client, Horizon Client for ChromeOS version 4.7.

If you are running Horizon 7 version 7.4, see these instructions for editing your broker to support the new client.