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Easy Upgrades with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure!

In January, VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure had its second release. With that release, it was the first time that you could experience the new methodology for handling upgrades. Read below to see just how easy upgrades with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure are.

Platform Updates

Platform updates with Horizon Cloud are easy to do – so easy we decided to do a video to demonstrate. As soon as a platform upgrade is available, you can schedule your update, and the process begins. Core infrastructure appliances are automatically upgraded using a blue/green methodology.

Platform updates are typically rolled out on a quarterly basis, and you must upgrade within one-quarter of the current release. Please watch upgrading the Horizon Cloud node to see how simple the upgrade process is.

Straightforward Agent Upgrades

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure infrastructure is easy to upgrade from one version to the next. VMware tests and certifies Horizon Agent updates for use with the Horizon Cloud platform.  The service notifies you when Horizon agents can be updated on images after they have been certified for use on the platform.

Upgrades with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure - Agent Upgrade dot and Button Easy

When you hit the Update Agent button, you start the Agent Update wizard. The Wizard helps you select the specific version of the agent you want to upgrade to for that image, and also allows you to enter any command line options that are relevant for that image.

Upgrades with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure - Step 1 of the Agent Update wizard showing the available versions of the Horizon Agents Installer

When you submit the update, the update process begins.  The service clones original image and installs updates to agent-related components automatically.   For more details on leveraging the Agent Auto Update feature, see Update Agent Software for RDSH Images Used by Farms in the VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure Administration Guide. After you update your image, you can refresh your farms by updating the image used in any given Farm  and letting it automatically update via the Farm Rolling Maintenance process.


VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure makes it easier than ever to upgrade your application delivery platform. To find out more, read the following resources: