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VMware Acquires E8 Security: Leveraging Behavior Analytics to Secure the Digital Workspace

Empowering employees by providing them with access to the apps they need—when and where they need them—is key to a company’s digital transformation success. However, as the number of apps, endpoints, and networks accessing company data grows, so does the risk of cyberattacks to a company’s expanding security perimeter.

All too often, organizations respond to this threat by enforcing productivity-killing access policies or deploying one-off security solutions that create silos of management and security across the organization. Ironically (and unfortunately), in its attempt to improve enterprise security by deploying more solutions, IT can open up the organization to more vulnerabilities as these silos add complexity and deliver a very poor user experience.

That is why I’m pleased to announce that we acquired the technology and team of E8 Security, further reinforcing our commitment to deliver the industry’s first intelligence-driven digital workspace to empower employee experience and drive predictive security.

Adding E8 Security’s capabilities to our digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE, will enable our customers to get a single platform approach that simplifies management and security by correlating data to accurately detect and respond to advanced threats using analytics. Last week we unveiled intelligence-driven innovations to Workspace ONE that make it the industry’s first and only digital workspace platform to integrate insights across devices, users and apps and enable predictive security across the perimeter-less environment.

Pairing our intelligence-driven digital workspace platform with our security partner ecosystem supporting VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network, customers can leverage the power of insights and automation to simplify operations and detect and remediate threats while delivering the best user experience.

By adding E8 Security’s user and entity behavior analytics capabilities to insights from VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, our customers will be able to streamline management, remediation, and automation to improve the employee experience and the security of their digital workspace.

The E8 Security team has developed intelligent technology that combines big data, security analytics, behavior modelling, and multi-dimensional analysis to actively detect threats. E8 Security improves security across the digital workspace with user and device behavior analytics that accelerate detection of advanced threats based on anomalies. By correlating data for better management and security context, and automating learning behaviors, E8 Security can simplify threat detection and response.

With E8 Security technology as part of VMware End-User Computing’s portfolio, customers will be able to benefit from these capabilities:

  • Behavior Analytics: Discover malicious activity with automated learning of user and device behavior, reducing alert fatigue and accelerating detection of cyber threats.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Surface anomalies and suspicious behaviors against advanced threats, such as malware, insider, targeted, and unknown threats by leveraging machine learning.
  • Correlation: Ingest data sources and quickly correlate data to help secure the evolving digital workspace.

E8 Security’s ability to analyze behavior has the opportunity to enhance the inherent security capabilities built on Workspace ONE to make security operations more proactive.

We are on a journey with customers to help them break down management and security silos to drive predictive security and improve the employee experience across their organizations. We expect that adding E8 Security’s capabilities to Workspace ONE will accelerate this journey and help us continue to deliver an industry-leading digital workspace platform. I am excited to welcome the E8 Security team to VMware and look forward to sharing more details about the integration of E8 Security’s technology with Workspace ONE in the future.