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What’s New in the VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Apps Suite

It’s hard to believe that we are already in February. You know what they say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Our R&D teams have been hard at work. In today’s blog, we’ll show you some of the new capabilities we added to the VMware Workspace ONE enterprise mobile apps suite in the last six weeks.


A New Addition to the Family: VMware People Search App

VMware_People_Search_appLet’s welcome a new addition to our enterprise mobile apps suite: The VMware People Search app is now available in both the App Store and Google Play. We are very excited to help users quickly search for colleagues to see profile picture, title, location, contact information and org chart details.

Assuming you already have Workspace ONE identity management set up, we do not require any additional backend infrastructure. The profile information displayed comes from Active Directory (AD). The IT administrator can simply enable the People Search feature in the console, configure which profile fields to display in the app, and apply the policies.

If you find yourself sitting in a meeting and wondering, “Wish I could remember Bernard’s role in the organization …”, you can quickly look him up on the People Search app and get the answers in a matter of seconds. IT can configure the default mail client so users can quickly email their colleagues using the email app of choice.

People Search app is built with the Workspace ONE SDK to provide end-to-end data security, compliance enforcement for jailbreak or root detection, and all other mobile application management (MAM) policies. Customers can easily deploy the apps on bring-your-own (BYO) or corporate-owned devices. The simplicity of design and search performance is built to delight end users.

Please configure the app using the People Search Admin Guide. We look forward to your feedback.

VMware Boxer Enhances Notifications & Adds Support For IBM Lotus Notes 

VMware_secure_emailVMware Boxer provides secure access to email, calendar, contacts, and files in a containerized app. We are humbled by the feedback from both IT administrators and end users to improve Boxer.

One of the main requests we heard in the last few months was that users want to configure the Boxer iOS app to only show calendar reminders but do not want to see all their email notifications. We released a cloud-based Email Notification Service (ENS) v2 that provides the ability for users to configure notifications and reliable app badging.

To take advantage of these notification and badge enhancements, IT administrators must configure the new ENS v2 service. Once configured, users can simply go in the app settings and turn off mail notifications.

Detailed information about how to configure ENS v2 can be found in the Boxer Admin Guide. This is the best thing IT can do to help improve the end-user experience of Boxer. Please reach out to us via your account or support teams if you need any assistance.

Boxer also now supports a new backend: IBM Lotus Notes / Domino across iOS and Android. Our teams have worked hard to bring best-in-class Domino support for all customers, including the AirWatch Inbox customers. At this point, all AirWatch Inbox customers can move to Boxer and delight users with a superior experience. Detailed information about version support and configuration requirements can be found in the Boxer Admin Guide.

Secure VMware Browser Add Supports for Quick Browsing

secure_browser_retailThe secure VMware Browser app provides fast access to intranet sites and web apps on managed and unmanaged devices without requiring a full device VPN.

The Browser app also now supports quick browsing by allowing users to scan a QR code to automatically navigate to a website. IT can enable or disable the QR-code-based quick browsing feature.

Retail customers leverage this feature to provide better in-store experiences on mobile tablets for customers. Imagine walking into a store with a coupon that has a QR code on it; scanning the code on a kiosk tablet; and quickly being able to get more information, customize and order the product or service. Our secure Browser can help service use cases providing an amazing user experience.

Improve Camera Capture Workflows Using VMware Content Locker

content_locker_healthcareAs a product manager (PM), I can get away with saying, “Nothing important happens in the office” (or NIHITO for short). This is now an industry standard term taught in courses by leading PM training firms. In some jobs, I may get fired for saying NIHITO, but I have a cool job.

In all seriousness, our teams went out to a burn unit to observe how nurses used our VMware Content Locker app to securely take and upload pictures to their enterprise repository that handled the compliance and auditing requirements. We walked in the room with the nurse, who introduced us to the patient as the team that built the mobile app she was using. We watched the nurse take pictures of each burn from multiple angles, and for each picture, the app prompted to enter metadata as the patient waited. This metadata was necessary to meet the compliance and classification needs, but we quickly empathized with the position we put the nurse in due to the workflow.

Right after that experience, the team came back and prioritized improvements to the camera capture workflow. I am proud to announce that the enhanced camera capture workflow is now generally available for all Content Locker customers on both iOS and Android.

Workspace ONE Adds Consistent Onboarding Experience for All Devices

The Workspace ONE app now provides a consistent onboarding experience for all mobile devices and use cases (corporate-owned devices or BYOD) with our support for direct enrollment. Read Kristi Murray’s blog about the new features on our improved onboarding user experience.

Western Digital CIO Steve Phillpott talked to Computerworld about how the company onboarded employees from two multi-billion dollar acquisitions with Workspace ONE to not only integrate their IT systems faster but, more importantly, to transform to a digital workspace.

The [Workspace ONE app] portal also made it easier (and faster) to onboard new hires or employees who were part of an acquisition or merger, Phillpott said. By offering workers a single view of all the company’s business applications, new employees can connect with existing users on day one.

As soon as you get them up and running, then all of a sudden people can find out who’s who. If they have access to email, the intranet, Webex, and they’re on a common Jabber and Box, now they can quickly find others in the company and it helps accelerate integrations, Phillpott said.
Lucas Mearian, Senior Reporter, Computerworld

Please keep the feedback coming. We truly appreciate it! Many of the great improvements we’ve made recently are a result of your direct feedback.