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VMware Workspace ONE Again Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud Identity Management


We’re proud to announce that VMware Workspace ONE made the Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud Identity Management for the third time in a row!  

Constellation Research compiles lists of vendors that meet the requirements of early adopters who are transforming their businesses with innovative, disruptive technology. According to R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research, “Each Constellation ShortList, researched and curated by our analysts, guides early adopters in identifying the right technologies to support new business models and improve engagement.”  

On the Workspace ONE team, we strive to give customers the tools they need to unify their end-user computing practice with a focus on consumer-simple experiences and enterprise-secure control across platforms, apps, and devices. We’re happy to see validation of this end-user computing vision from analysts such as Constellation Research and (most importantly) from our customers.

Early Adoption of the Employees-First Mindset 

If you’re an IT leader trying to understand which identity and access management solutions can help you drive improved user experience and security, the Constellation ShortList is a good place to start. You can further narrow down your choices by identifying your goals: Do you want to increase revenue across the business, improve employee productivity, or improve customer service?  

In our original research, we’ve found that building an employees-first digital workspace provides benefits such as a 34% increase in personal employee efficiency, a 16% increase in collaboration, and a 100% increase in quality of customer service. The digital workspace enables these improvements by allowing employees easy access to the apps they need to do their work on all their devices (while maintaining IT control of apps, devices, and user access). Your best employees are excited to solve the challenges they face at work—if IT can help these all-star employees by making access to their work apps and resources easy, employees are happier and more productive.  

#WorkspaceONE makes the Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud Identity Management third time in a row!
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When employees are happy and have easy access to the info and apps they need, they provide better service to your customers. For an IT leader trying to amplify IT’s contribution to the business as a whole, empowering employees with a digital workspace through Workspace ONE is a promising approach. 

app_sourcesOn the other hand, employees who lack easy access to the apps they need to do their work turn to substitutes, which may not meet your security needs. Our research finds that 24% of apps employees use for work are shadow IT: apps which are acquired by the employees themselves or by lines of business. Shadow IT creates risk by introducing non-compliant, insecure apps into your environment and by creating avenues for corporate data to leak onto unknown platforms.

For an IT leader looking to be an early adopter of technology that brings real change to your end-user computing practice, the digital workspace is a powerful place to start your digital transformation. This allows your users to increase their personal productivity while providing better service to your customers, and it also limits the need users feel for shadow IT when they cannot access work resources easily.  

Building Your Digital Workspace 

If you’d like to understand more about how Workspaces ONE can help you drive business performance through increased productivity, collaboration, and customer service, contact your VMware account executive today. We’ll be happy to help you identify the areas where VMware and Workspace ONE can help you be an early adopter of employees-first digital workspace technology in your organization.  

Source: Constellation Research, Inc.Constellation ShortList™ Cloud Identity Management”, Steve Wilson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, February 27, 2018 

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