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[Video] 5 Demos of the New VMware Horizon Client for iOS 4.7

Sure, your mother says she loves all her children equally. But really, she loves each of you best for short periods of time. That’s how I feel about the VMware Horizon Clients. Today, with the 4.7 release, I particularly love the iOS client.

The Horizon Client for iOS 4.7 takes advantage of the drag-and-drop capabilities built into iOS 11. Just look how easy it is to copy and paste text between your Windows desktop and an iOS app.

You can also easily add a new server by dragging the URL to the client or create an autolaunch URL by dragging an entitlement out of the launcher page.


If you’re lucky enough to have the new iPhone X, you can take advantage of built-in Face ID biometric authentication. The Horizon Client uses the iOS APIs to authenticate with your face. Your iPhone has your AD credentials safely encrypted. When the phone recognizes you, it passes the credentials to the Horizon server, which in turn passes them to the virtual desktop. This new feature gives you a quick connection to your desktop or remote apps. See it in action.


Speaking of copying and pasting text, if you haven’t tried the Swiftpoint GT mouse, you should. With an iPad and an external keyboard, you’ll be zipping around your Windows system. And yes, the mouse supports right click, and it has a scroll wheel.


This release also adds support for derived credentials for environments that distribute their certificates using the Purebred system.

Be sure to check out the rich set of features included in my favorite Horizon Client for iOS 4.7 release. (But ask me again in a week, and I might say a different client is my favorite.)