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[Whitepaper] Reviewer’s Guide for VMware Horizon Cloud Service With Hosted Infrastructure

We just released the new Reviewer’s Guide for VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure to help you try VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure. Whether you are an IT decision-maker, administrator, or architect—or just curious about Horizon Cloud—this guide is a great way to get started on the basics.

VMware Horizon Cloud Service is a family of cloud services that delivers virtual desktops and applications to end users on any supported device. Horizon Cloud is available as a VMware-hosted infrastructure or as an on-premises infrastructure. In both modes, you use the Horizon Cloud management console to manage your infrastructure.


The Reviewer’s Guide introduces you to the main features and components of Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure. The guide includes all the procedures you need to set up your own basic environment, where you can explore the various key capabilities. You will find that the Horizon Cloud user interface is straightforward and logical. The navigation is easy to use, and the Reviewer’s Guide clearly describes the standard procedures.


In the new Reviewer’s Guide, you receive an introduction to the key features and benefits, including the Just-in-Time Management Platform, instant clones, VMware App Volumes Technology, VMware User Environment Manager, and more.

If you already have Horizon 7, you find out how you can easily extend your existing virtual desktop deployment to support additional use cases, including contract or seasonal workers, branch offices, and more. You learn that as a hybrid solution, the Horizon Cloud service enables you to deliver rich end-user experiences that span both on-premises and cloud-hosted desktops, including persistent and nonpersistent virtual desktops, and shared desktops using RDS hosts.

VMware Identity Manager Integration

The Reviewer’s Guide walks you through the procedures for integrating Horizon Cloud with VMware Identity Manager, to deliver one-touch access to applications across devices and locations. VMware Identity Manager also provides the ability to manage policies and provisioning, identity federation, and user analytics, all from a centralized console. You can follow the guide to set up the integration and test it by launching a Horizon Cloud application via the VMware Identity Manager Administration Console.


VMware App Volumes Technology

The Reviewer’s Guide introduces you to the VMware App Volumes Technology, built into Horizon Cloud. App Volumes Technology allows you to deliver applications to virtual desktops through virtual disks, without modifying the VM or applications themselves, and this capability is highly scalable. The guide provides a set of exercises to import AppStack file shares, create assignments for AppStack applications, remove RDS hosted applications, provision desktops, and access assigned applications via browser, launching them to verify success.


The new features of Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure make it easier to deliver cloud-based virtual desktops and applications to your end-users. And the Reviewer’s Guide for VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure makes it easier to learn how. You can find out more from VMware Horizon Cloud Service, Hands-On Lab 1856 VMware Horizon Cloud Getting Started, or your VMware representative.