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Give Users the Entire Company in Their Back Pocket with VMware People Search

Ever been on the go, and suddenly, you need to call a coworker? You frantically search your messages, native email, signatures, calendar—anything that might lead to this person’s contact information—but have no luck. You settle on sending an email in hopes of receiving a quick reply.


With our newest VMware Workspace ONE productivity app, we aim to solve this dilemma and more. On behalf of our product team at VMware, we are excited to announce the latest app in the Workspace ONE productivity apps family: VMware People Search.

People Search empowers users to quickly:

  • Search for colleagues
  • View organizational charts and management hierarchies
  • Access rich contact information
  • Save contacts down to the device
  • Place calls or send emails with the tap of a button

Ever been in a meeting where you don’t know everyone there? Simply search for your coworker, and you’ll be able to view which organization they’re a part of, who their peers are and what their reporting structure is.

Why People Search for Users?

People Search works seamlessly with the integrated Workspace ONE platform and the other Workspace ONE productivity apps, including VMware Boxer, VMware Browser and VMware Content Locker. With the goal to enable employees to be productive anywhere, our apps product teams have positioned user experience and enterprise security as top priorities.

Why People Search for IT?

For IT, People Search makes managing employee information effortless with Active Directory to automatically aggregate information and keep it up to date. Options to further protect your employees’ information are built directly into the app using the Workspace ONE Software Development Kit (SDK). This provides advanced data loss prevention (DLP) controls, such as “save contact” prevention; cut, copy, paste and screenshot restrictions and more.

People Search is included in the Workspace ONE Advanced and Enterprise bundles. Contact your account representative for more information on how to deploy People Search to your employees.


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