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[Feature Spotlight] DEP Registration in iOS 11

Are you an IT admin for iOS devices? Do you use the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)? Have the eligibility restrictions for DEP registration ever annoyed you? If so, then this feature spotlight is for you! Today’s post explains how to expand DEP-eligibility for iOS 11 devices using Apple Configurator 2.

*Note: This post is also useful for anyone who wants to learn about how the DEP registration process works in iOS 11.

Device DEP Registration in iOS 11

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Today’s post kicks off by tackling some common questions and points of confusion about DEP registration for iOS 11 devices. Then, the video at the end of the post provides a deep dive into the topic’s technical nuances.

What’s in the video:


  • Integrating Apple Configurator 2 with your DEP account
  • Joining a device to DEP
  • Validating the device joined DEP

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iOS 11 DEP Registration FAQs

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 What Devices are DEP-Eligible in iOS 11?

Traditionally, only devices purchased with an Apple business account or through an Apple Authorized Reseller could be added in the DEP portal.

With the release of iOS 11, individually purchased devices can now join a DEP account using Apple Configurator 2.[/tab][tab]

How does DEP Registration Work for iOS 11 Devices?

In iOS 11, the device registration process remains unchanged for devices purchased under a business account. However, individually purchased and non-business account devices require preparation in Apple Configurator 2.

This preparation creates a placeholder order in the Device Enrollment Program portal, which adds the device to DEP.  Once added, the device enters a 30-day grace period. During this time, end users can remove management – canceling the placeholder order and removing the device from DEP.[/tab][tab]

How Does the DEP Registration Grace Period Work for iOS 11 Devices?

iOS 11 devices purchased through an Apple business account or an Apple Authorized Reseller do not provide a grace period. However, for individually purchased and non-business devices, Apple provides a 30-day post-enrollment grace period. During this time, end users can unenroll and leave DEP. After the grace period expires, end users no longer have the option to leave DEP.

User unenrollment during the grace period does not function in the same way as the Disown Device feature in DEP.  Even after unenrolling, the device retains DEP-eligibility.

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iOS 11 DEP Registration Best Practices

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As you register iOS 11 devices in Apple DEP, use the following best practices:

  • BACK UP YOUR ID – No seriously, after creating the supervision identity, you MUST back it up. Applying the wrong identity will derail registration.
  • DISABLE FIND MY PHONE – To save a step during device activation, disable Find my iPhone before joining devices to DEP.
  • BACK UP YOUR DEVICES – Since DEP registration wipes and resets devices, use iTunes, iCloud, or Configurator to backup devices before registering them.
  • CREATE A WI-FI PROFILE – Unless you’re using Tethered Caching, you need to configure a wi-fi profile to connect to Apple for activation.[/tab][/tabs]

iOS 11 DEP Registration Deep Dive

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Learn More about DEP Registration

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