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VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps 6.5 Is GA

Today, I’m excited to announce that VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Apps 6.5 is now generally available! In this release, we introduce new features that benefit both VMware Horizon and Citrix customers.

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So, let’s look at some of these key features in this release.

  • NVIDIA vGPU Support: vRealize Operations (vROps) for Horizon supports monitoring for the performance and usage of NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) products on VMware ESXi hosts. To enable and use this feature, you must have the NVIDIA Virtual GPU Management Pack installed, and then import the integrated dashboards for vGPU monitoring. Once configured, you will have greater insight into the vGPU for each desktop session and the usage and health of each vGPU in your Horizon or Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. You can read more about vROps for Horizon integration with NVIDIA in this blog, and learn about new NVIDIA product offerings at NVIDIA’s virtual GPU product blog.
  • User- & Pool-Level Metrics: Many customers want to know the utilization of their Horizon desktop pools. vROps for Horizon now provides out-of-the-box metrics on usage at the user/pool level, such as historical records of users accessing the desktop pool and historical pool access records for a selected user. You can download the record as a CSV report.
  • Cloud Pod Architecture Support: vROps for Horizon provides more information on the Cloud Pod Architecture. You can see whether a pool is a global pool, if a global entitlement is assigned to the pool and whether a session is a global session.
  • New Design for Logon Time: vROps for Horizon provides a new way to calculate the logon time. To use this feature you must upgrade to Horizon 7.3, which provides you with a more accurate value for logon duration.
  • New Process Alerts: vROps for Horizon enables you to monitor processes by triggering an alert and offering a recommendation for any process abnormality in your virtual machine (VM).
  • Latest Desktop & Application Delivery Platforms: Get support for Horizon View 7.3, XenDesktop and XenApp 7.15 with the newest vRealize Operations 6.5 and the new and improved HTML5 console.
The built-in user experience dashboard closely monitors key metrics and can alert administrators if user experience degradation is forecasted.

I hope you find this update information useful. I am very excited about this release. Customers will benefit from a faster and refreshed user interface, additional reporting and full-stack insight with  NVIDIA vGPU products.

To get started, you can download from VMware.com and evaluate vRealize Operations for Horizon 7.3 with Horizon or XenApp and XenDesktop for 60 days. Or, contact your VMware representative for more information!

Learn more about vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Applications 6.5: