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Utility for VMware App Volumes Monthly Reports

With VMware App Volumes being used by more and more customers in different scenarios, sometimes a practical issue arises for a specific use case. That’s why I’ve written this blog post.

Service providers must manually report App Volumes Standard usage each month in the VMware vCloud Air Network (vCAN) business portal. The information required is the maximum number of concurrent users or computers, depending on how they assign AppStacks (i.e. user, machine or both).

An AppStack is a virtual disk containing applications, disks and folders. There is no automated report that keeps track of the maximum concurrent connections at this time, so it is the service provider’s responsibility to track and report this information accurately each month.

Information on the number of concurrent connections is available through the App Volumes Manager interface via the dashboard primary tab, shown below. To report the number of concurrent connections for a given month, service providers should use the maximum “Online Users” in the “User Utilization” chart and/or the maximum “Online Desktops” and “Online Servers” in the “Computer Utilization” chart.


Unfortunately, the App Volumes dashboard graph only presents a time frame of 24/48 hours. This makes it challenging for service providers to check the maximum value of a month, because looking into the portal on a day-by-day basis is not practical.

Luckily there is a better solution. Click here for a PowerShell script that can be run on the App Volumes Manager. It will read the App Volumes database and generate a simple report that contains the minimum and maximum number of concurrent users or computers per month. (An example can be seen below.) Just rename the downloaded file “VMware_AV_Usage_Utility.txt” to “VMware_AV_Usage_Utility.ps1” so the script is ready to use.


Hopefully, this helps customers get the information needed and gives them better insight into their App Volumes usage.

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