VMware Workspace ONE Makes Constellation ShortList for Cloud Identity Management

Aug 17, 2017
Ben Siler


Ben Siler is a product manager for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

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Constellation_ShortList_Cloud_Identity_ManagementFor the second year in a row, VMware Workspace ONE has been included in the Constellation ShortList for Cloud Identity Management. We’re proud to accept the award! It highlights our ability to deliver the advanced identity and mobility features early-adopter organizations need to delight end users and secure vital apps and data.

Because “identity management and authentication are rapidly evolving fields and deliver mission-critical functionality,” Constellation Research evaluates “the strength of the provider’s R&D program and looks for vendors committed to innovation and technological excellence” to determine shortlist members. Our product team is committed to delivering the customer-centric features you need, as well as information on the identity and access best practices you should follow for security and ease of use.  

Market-Leading Capabilities with the Knowledge to Use Them 

Whether you’re an early adopter who’s already improving security at your organization by eliminating passwords or someone who’s learning the basics of identity and access management, the centrality of identity and access to the daily work of your users can make change intimidating. Most organizations need more than just advanced features; they need best practices as recommended by security researchers and implemented by best-in-class IT teams.

The upcoming end-user computing (EUC) sessions at VMworld 2017 give attendees the perfect chance to consider the identity and access approaches pursued by other organizations and to learn about Workspace ONE directly from the people who build it.  

EUC mobility virtualization VMworld 2017

VMware attendees interested in identity and access management should make sure to attend the EUC spotlight session and showcase keynote: 

Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces

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The Transformation of Identity and Access Management in the Age of the Digital Workspace

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Attendees interested in identity and access management will also likely want to attend breakout sessions spotlighting powerful identity features: 

Introduction to Access Management in Workspace ONE

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Introduction to Password-Less Single Sign-On for Mobile Devices with Workspace ONE

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Secure and Seamless Access to All Your Applications with Workspace ONE Conditional Access and Mobile Single Sign-On

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More Information on Identity, Access and Workspace ONE 

Even if you’re not visiting VMworld, you can contact VMware to learn more about the ways organizations are improving end-user experiences and tightening security. Visit vmware.com/products/workspace-one or contact your VMware account representative for more details. 


Source: Constellation Research, Inc., ” Constellation ShortList™ Cloud Identity Management”, Steve Wilson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, August 9, 2017

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