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Apteligent by VMware: Now Available for Sale from VMware & Partners

Through powerful Apteligent by VMware app analytics, customers can “harness the power of data” to boost mobile app performance with powerful new features, including four new insights reports.

We are been incredibly fortunate to have the Apteligent team join VMware a couple of months ago. Today, we are excited to announce the availability of the Apteligent by VMware service with a new set of features.

Starting today, existing Apteligent customers can renew their Apteligent service that they know and love. New customers can buy Apteligent directly from VMware or from one of our channel partners.

Using Apteligent, customers can measure the user experience of their mobile apps and fix performance issues in real-time to optimize engagement, adoption and revenue.

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By Popular Demand: 4 Powerful New Insights Reports

The Apteligent team has been hard at work updating the service with new capabilities. Since Apteligent launched Custom Insights last year, customers asked for the ability to analyze more of their performance and engagement data in the Report Center.

Today, four new Insights Reports are available in the Apteligent Report Center. 

These new reports help mobile teams prioritize their work based on a quantified view of how app performance affects end user experience in an analysis-friendly CSV format:

  1. Performance by OS: Analyze which operating system version is causing users the biggest headache, deprecate support for unstable OS versions, and stay ahead by prioritizing your test suite based on adoption.
  2. Detailed Endpoint List: Easily access all of the endpoints called over the last two days through the click of a button instead of having to write scripts.
  3. App Load User Experience: Identify app versions with slow app load times that are posing an increased churn risk. Overlay this with adoption data and decide whether it is worth investing resources to fixing the problem.
  4. Impact of App Latency on Engagement: Slow app load times often impact adoption and usage. Use this data to understand how to prioritize decreasing app load time to crease engagement and adoption of apps.

To access any of these reports, simply go to the Report Center in the left navigation and select the “On-Demand CSV Reports” tab. These four new reports will appear at the bottom of the list and are available with the click of a button.

Join Us at VMworld to Learn More about Our Vision for Digital Workspace Analytics

Apteligent by VMware is our first stepping stone into analytics, and this technology is a key part of our vision for digital workspace analytics. IT admins are drowning in device, application and user data and no single tool can give a clear picture of what is happening across the entire environment.

To learn more about VMware’s vision for analytics in the digital workspace, please join us at VMworld and attend one of the sessions dedicated to analytics. You will get a chance to learn more about our broader efforts around device, application and user analytics in VMware Workspace ONE.

In the meantime, if you would like to improve user experience by analyzing how app performance, crashes, and other slowdowns influence user behavior, request a demo of the Apteligent by VMware service.