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VMware User Environment Manager 9.2 Technical Deep Dive

We are excited about the newest release of VMware User Environment Manager – version 9.2. This release includes some great new features that enhance the product functionality and continue to offer administrators more flexibility in managing the user experience. We have put together a series of videos that will help you learn about User Environment Manager, get up to speed on the new features, and see demos of some of those features.

User Environment Manager 9.2 Technical Overview

Before you dive into the new features, this brief technical-overview video will introduce you to User Environment Manager, provide some details about how it works, and examine the architecture. If you are new to the product, or want a short refresher, this is a great place to begin.

User Environment Manager 9.2 – What’s New

Two videos explain the new features of User Environment Manager 9.2. The first video focuses on the privilege elevation feature and publisher-based rules for application blocking and privilege elevation.

The second video discusses the additional new features of automation with new environment variables, new config file templates for better personalization, and several additional topics.

Privilege Elevation

This video discusses and demonstrates the new privilege elevation feature of User Environment Manager 9.2. Privilege elevation is designed as a tool for IT administrators to mitigate risks in their privilege-management strategy. Applications that are already installed and require elevated privileges to run, as well as application installers, can have privileges elevated.

Publisher-Based Application Blocking and Privilege Elevation

User Environment Manager 9.2 added the ability to use a software publisher’s certificate to configure application blocking or privilege-elevation rules. This enables the IT administrator to allow all applications or elevate privileges for all applications from a software publisher. This video provides the details and a demo of how this works.

Scripting Variables

This video looks at and demonstrates the use of environment variables automatically created by User Environment Manager. These environment variables can be leveraged for automation scripting.


We hope you learn a lot from these videos covering new features in VMware User Environment Manager. User Environment Manager 9.2 is available for download today.

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