Announcing VMware Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure: Networking Overview

Author: Cynthia Heyer Carroll

Cindy Heyer Carroll is a senior technical writer for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

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I am excited to announce a new white paper: VMware Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure: Networking Overview. This white paper extends the recently posted VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure: Deployment Considerations paper, and delves deeper into the networking details that can help you avoid problems during deployment of VMware Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure, a service that provides virtual desktops by subscription from the cloud.

The Networking Overview white paper has all of the information you need to get approval from your networking stakeholders for a deployment of Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure. It provides a summary of the decisions and responsibilities to establish before deployment, and covers the prerequisites for firewall and ports. The paper identifies the two main network connectivity options—VPN and Direct Connect—and discusses the pros and cons of both. It covers a wealth of additional networking topics, including bandwidth considerations, split DNS, subnet considerations, choosing between integrated or isolated Active Directory, and even how to choose user portal and administrative console URLs.

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure network deployment

Enterprises are turning more often to VMware Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure to ensure access to virtual desktops and hosted applications from any device, from any location. Using VMware Horizon Cloud Service avoids security risks by providing a single console with built-in security options. And Horizon Cloud integrates with your infrastructure and leverages your organization’s infrastructure resources to extend your data center.

For more information about deployment considerations beyond networking, see VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure Deployment Considerations. This paper also includes a wealth of helpful links to additional resources, just a few of which are listed here:

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