What’s New in VMware Horizon Client for Mac 4.4

Apr 4, 2017
Kristina De Nike


Kristina De Nike is a product line manager for VMware EUC. In addition to her current responsibilities for Horizon Clients, she has worked on VMware Horizon FLEX and VMware Workspace ONE integration. She brings her love of consumer products, data-driven decision making and clear UI to the end-user side of VMware EUC.

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Like Usain Bolt with a new pair of shoes, the VMware Horizon Client for Mac is faster than ever.

All Horizon Clients now support our faster, more robust update to the Blast Extreme protocol. To take full advantage of it, your administrator will have to be running the latest Horizon agent in the virtual machine. Read more about Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport (or BEAT) here.

Here’s what’s new in VMware Horizon Client for Mac 4.4:

  • Touch Bar Biometrics: For those lucky dogs with the latest MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar, we now support biometric authentication using the Touch Bar.

VMware Horizon Client for Mac 4.4_touch bar biometrics

VMware Horizon Client Touch Bar

  • Touch Bar Customization: We have also customized the Touch Bar with the buttons you are most likely to want in the middle of a virtual desktop session.

VMware Horizon Client Touch Bar Customization

  • Automatic Check for Updates: Here at VMware, we have been putting great features into every quarterly release. To make sure you get the latest and greatest, we’ve added an automatic check into the client to let you know when there is a new version.

VMware Horizon Client for Mac 4.4_automatic check for updates

We’re racing to our next release; see you then!

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