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Simplifying App Access & Management with VMware Workspace ONE

In today’s mobile cloud world, it’s all about the apps. Apps are what help your workforce be productive and successful. Unfortunately, employees do not often use the apps their company provides. Studies have shown that with each extra step required for onboarding a new app, you lose 7% of your user base. Six steps to get started? That means 42% of your workers will never use your work app a single time.

For a successful app strategy, you must deliver the right apps on the right device easily and securely without compromising the privacy of personal data.

Simplifying App Access & Management

VMware Workspace ONE makes it easy for employees to have secure access to the business applications they need, allowing them to get work done whenever and wherever through the Workspace ONE app.

Users have their own personalized app catalog across all of their devices. This makes onboarding new employees with the right apps easier than ever. Additionally, by using powerful single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, your workforce gets immediate access to the information they need without having to remember multiple passwords.

Securing Work Apps & Lowering Costs

When it comes to security, Workspace ONE protects even the most sensitive information, restricting corporate apps from sharing data with personal apps, prevents copy/paste and much more using powerful data-loss prevention policies. These create access control rules to restrict rooted or jailbroken devices and ensure only authorized users and devices can access company applications. IT can set granular, contextual app access policies from one single place.

Best of all, lower costs and higher security make your life easier, helping reduce support tickets from lost passwords and offers remote assistance, self-service tools and troubleshooting. It’s all combined into a super simple solution the users will actually want to use.

Workspace ONE makes it easy to deliver transformational business apps to your workforce and empowers employees to be productive from anywhere with secure, one-touch access to the apps they need—any time on any device.

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