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HTML Access in Horizon 7.1: Tech Preview of Dual Monitor Support

General support for VMware Horizon 7 ends April 30, 2023, impacting all versions up to and including VMware Horizon 7.13. Read this blog to understand why and how to upgrade to Horizon 8 now: “Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade to VMware Horizon 8.”

Sure, you can live in a studio apartment and use your couch both for sitting and sleeping, but wouldn’t you rather have a one-bedroom apartment and stretch out? That’s the theory behind our dual monitor support. We’ve built a tech preview of dual monitor support into HTML Access in VMware Horizon 7.1.

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There are some limitations to the feature to keep in mind:

  • Chrome browser only
  • Maximum resolution of 2560X1600 on either monitor
  • High resolution mode must be off

Below is a shot of dual screen in action.

dual monitor support

How to Use HTML Access in VMware Horizon 7.1

Step 1. To use the feature, first go to “Settings” and confirm that “High Resolution Mode” is off.



Step 2. Then, navigate to “Display settings.”


Step 3. And click “Add Display.”


Step 4. You will get a small window that you can drag to your second monitor.


Step 5. When you go back to “Display settings,” you can see both monitors. Click OK, and away we go!


Read more about the general availability of Horizon 7.1: