VMware Horizon Client for Windows 4.4 Updates

Mar 30, 2017
Kristina De Nike


Kristina De Nike is a product line manager for VMware EUC. In addition to her current responsibilities for Horizon Clients, she has worked on VMware Horizon FLEX and VMware Workspace ONE integration. She brings her love of consumer products, data-driven decision making and clear UI to the end-user side of VMware EUC.

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HGTV’s Chip Gaines has demolition day; I have launch day. Let’s walk through the VMware Horizon Client for Windows 4.4 updates:

  • Blast Extreme Support: All Horizon Clients now support our faster, more robust update to the Blast Extreme protocol. To take full advantage of it, your administrator will have to be running the latest Horizon agent in the virtual machine. Read more about Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport (or BEAT) here.
  • Aero Peek: We’ve also made remote applications behave more like native applications in Windows 10. We take advantage of Aero Peek to show the full application window when you hover over a running application in the taskbar.

Aero Peek support

  • Aero Snap: You can also use Aero Snap with remote applications. For instance, use the key combination “Windows” + “Right Arrow” to snap remote apps to a side.

Aero Snap support

  • Remote Desktop Resolution: One last little present for you, we’ve added a resolution tip to show the resolution of remote desktop as you resize a virtual desktop window.

remote desktop resolution

That was as satisfying as hitting a wall with a hammer, if I so say so myself. We’re racing to our next release; see you then!

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