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VMware AirWatch 101: Branding Capabilities


Rebranding your VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution can tap into a surprising number of benefits. For example,  EMM branding capabilities can piggyback your mobility solution on existing brand equity, fostering its adoption. After all, your brand is more than a name—it is an experience. Now it’s time to learn how to put your brand to work!

We’re Bringing Branding Back

This post answers the essential questions about VMware AirWatch EMM branding capabilities, and guides you through the following:

  • Determining if EMM branding capabilities benefit your organization
  • Getting started with configuration and deployment next steps
  • Finding additional resources to learn more

If this post seems right for you, then check out our VMware AirWatch: Branding 101 infographic. It covers the benefits of rebranding your mobility solution, and provides basic getting started configurations.


World Wide Enterprises EMM Rebranding Case Study

Now that you’ve covered general branding capabilities and use cases, it’s time to add some context. Consider the case of World Wide Enterprises, everyone’s favorite fictitious organization.


 Learn More About EMM Branding Capabilities

If you want to learn more about rebranding your own, real world deployment,  you are in luck! Take a look at the resources listed below. Then, follow the links that interest you.

If you only have a minute, but would like to learn more:

If you want to learn the most in the least amount of time:

  • Rebrand the AirWatch Console, Self-Service Portal and AirWatch Apps in a Hands-On Lab. Select Module 5, “Branding the AirWatch Console, SSP and SCL.” Complete the exercises in roughly 30 minutes!

If you have time, and want to learn about all available features and settings:

  • Learn about SDK profile configurations in the MAM Guide.

EMM Branding Capabilities Summary

EMM branding capabilities offer distinct, but surprising, benefits for your mobility solution. For example, rebranded services provide end-users with a familiar experience, leveraging brand equity to foster solution adoption. Additionally, rebranding apps that push to mobile devices increase brand exposure.

Put your brand to work, and make your brand work for you. The configurations are simple, and the changes impactful. Consider rebranding your mobility solution, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


With significant contributions from:

Karim Chelouati, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

 Hannah Jernigan, Technical Writer, End User Computing Technical Marketing, VMware