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Here Comes … Horizon Cloud

New VMware Horizon Cloud ServiceToday, I’m excited to announce VMware’s Horizon Cloud service. This new cloud-scale offering enables organizations to deploy feature-rich virtual desktops and applications in the cloud, on-premises or in a combination of the two. Horizon Cloud uniquely allows customers to bring-your-own (BYO) infrastructure from certified hyper-converged infrastructure partners or get fully managed infrastructure from VMware/IBM SoftLayer.

The Horizon Cloud service includes a number of key new features that enable organizations’ ability to flexibly deliver feature-rich and robust virtual desktops and apps in real time to end users.

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Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP)

Horizon Cloud customers take advantage of just-in-time management technologies, such as VMware Instant Clones, VMware App Volumes and VMware User Environment Manager as part of this service. The JMP platform allows customers to easily scale and deliver feature-rich, secure desktops to their end users on demand.

To get a sense of what JMP can do for your organization—whether you are start on-premises with Horizon 7 or move to the cloud with Horizon Cloud—here is a quick demo for you.

Digital Workspace Experience with BEAT (Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport)

Horizon Cloud customers can leverage BEAT, our new UDP-based transport. As part of our
VMware Blast Extreme protocol, we designed BEAT to ensure a great user experience across various network conditions—especially those with low-bandwidth, high-latency and high-packet loss.

Whether your workers use WiFi and mobile networks or download video from halfway across the world, they enjoy great user experience with BEAT.

In addition to supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome, Blast now supports over 125 Windows and Linux thin clients.

Here’s a look at Blast and BEAT in action:

High-Performance Desktops with NVIDIA GRID vGPU

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure supports developers and end users looking for 3D desktops with NVIDIA GRID vGPU.

Simplified Packaging

Horizon Cloud makes it easier than ever to get started with both named and concurrent connection use cases. With Horizon Cloud, customers purchase a single “connection” license (NU or CCU) that is deployed in conjunction with on-premises or cloud-hosted infrastructure. This allows customers to get started for as low as $16/NU for the service, making it more affordable than ever to move to the cloud.

Horizon Cloud also integrates with VMware Workspace ONE for customers looking to deliver a unified digital workspace for all of their mobile, Web, SaaS and Windows desktops and apps.

Find more details on the new Horizon Cloud service here.

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