VMware Horizon

New Reviewer’s Guide for View in VMware Horizon 7 – A Series of Mini-Guides

By Cindy Heyer Carroll, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

I am very happy to announce that we just posted the first four mini-guides in a series of seven to bring you the latest update of View, the main component of VMware Horizon 7! Unlike previous Reviewer’s Guides, you are getting the latest updates literally as soon as we complete each section. The result? Shorter pieces that are easier to digest.

The first four mini-guides of the series are now available:

With the exception of the Overview and the Installation and Configuration, each mini-guide focuses on a particular use case, accompanied by exercises to explore relevant features. The mini-guides cover topics such as preparing virtual machines for desktop pools, using instant clones, setting up desktop pools (full- and linked-clones), exploring the benefits of Smart Policies, and provisioning users.

When you work through the exercises in the Reviewer’s Guide series, you end up with a basic working deployment, as well as experience using the View component of VMware Horizon 7 in the context of specific use cases. The deployment is based on a single VDI platform, simplifying desktop management and enhancing user experience.

Be sure to take a look at the guides that are now available, and watch for the next to be posted. When we finish, the following mini-guides will be included in the series:

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