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77NRG Trusts VMware Over Competitors to Deliver Cloud-Hosted Desktops and Apps


In the volatile oil and gas industry, Seventy Seven Energy (77NRG) needed a virtualization solution that could scale quickly to support thousands of users under a tight deadline. With a small IT staff and limited resources, the company wanted a complete, cloud-hosted solution.

After evaluating a number of solutions, 77NRG settled on VMware Horizon Air over other competitors to successfully deliver virtualized resources to 2,500 employees. What’s more, the company had these cloud-hosted desktops and apps in place in just four months.


77NRG turned to virtualization because they needed a way to get applications and tools to their employees in the field. They were also facing a pending divestiture from Chesapeake Energy Corporation and had a short timeline to equip their end users with a usable solution. And they needed to find a way to quickly scale up and down based on acquisition/divestiture cycles.

With Horizon Air now in place, 77NRG field employees at oil drilling or fulfillment sites can access crucial desktops, applications and resources from anywhere, increasing their effectiveness with customers. According to 77NRG, end users love the solution, which now allows them to access their work from home—or even grandma’s place—on demand.

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