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App Volumes Deployment Considerations: Updated for VMware App Volumes 2.12

The following people authored the white paper: Jason Marshall, Tina de Benedictis, Tristan Todd, Stéphane Asselin, Dean Flaming, Jim Yanik, and Samir Patel. Guy Klages and Gina Daly contributed additional assistance.

For App Volumes 2.12, we have just published an update to the VMware App Volumes Deployment Considerations white paper.


This paper includes information on the components and architecture of an App Volumes deployment, as well as how to plan for

  • Storage
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Recoverability

This paper also helps you to understand the following topics:

  • Mount on Host
  • AppStack and writable-volume templates
  • AppStack and writable-volume storage groups
  • Writable-volume policies

We have developed a diagram that gives details on the data flow in an App Volumes deployment:



We have also developed a diagram for you on a multi-data-center deployment:



In addition, we included a set of best practices that we have developed over time for the SQL database, AppStacks, and writable volumes.

Download this update to VMware App Volumes Deployment Considerations!