New eBook! The 5 Next Big Things in Mobile Security

Nov 30, 2016
Ashley Speagle


Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware.

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Strike down new attacks before they happen. Get a free copy of the new eBook from VMware to discover what’s next in mobile security.

The state of cybersecurity is scary. Businesses have watched security breaches expose more than 851 million records in the last decade, and nearly 6.2 million records have been compromised since 2016 thanks to increasingly sophisticated attack methods. Even scarier, hackers appear to be getting even faster and better at accessing your corporate data.

Meanwhile, companies are expecting a slew of new devices [thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality] to enter the workplace in the next several years. In fact, just listed rising mobile and IoT points of entry among their top security predictions for 2017.

It’s a perfect storm for even bigger, more damaging attacks than perhaps businesses have ever seen before. Luckily, the mobile security industry has new innovations up its sleeve to help your company ward off the uninvited.

Find out what the five next big things in mobile security are by downloading this brand new eBook from VMware.


As VMware cybersecurity expert John Britton recently put it, “If you don’t want your name on the Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal, you’re now investing in security to ensure your reputation is solid.”

Download this free eBook right now to learn where to invest in the newest cybersecurity solutions so your company can always be steps ahead.

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