Kroll Ontrack Turns Complaints into Compliments by Replacing Citrix XenApp with VMware Horizon

Nov 3, 2016
Sheldon D'Paiva

Author: Sheldon D'Paiva

Sheldon D'Paiva is director of product marketing for VMware End-User Computing.

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Kroll Ontrack had a big problem: they had lots of users complaining about critical applications running on Citrix XenApp. So, they took a look at VMware Horizon and never looked back after user complaints turned into compliments.

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What Kroll Ontrack Needed

  • A better user interface
  • Easier connections
  • Finally having a one-stop shop for everything

Kroll Ontrack, a global organization with over 2,500 employees, is a leader in legal technologies and a pioneer in eDiscovery. With an elastic and globally distributed workforce, Kroll’s IT team was challenged to implement a modern solution that boosted productivity, while addressing user complaints about published applications. Kroll’s IT team met the challenge by replacing their Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop solution with Horizon’s game-changing virtual desktop (VDI) and application technology.

Replacing Citrix XenApp with Horizon: What It Means for Kroll Ontrack

  • Rapid desktops: Routine deployments of hundreds of desktops for contractors went from having 3-4 people working overnight to just one person working for one hour.
  • Remote workers: Overseas developers, even those running large SQL queries, now had a great experience over the WAN.
  • Robust security: In addition to safeguarding critical data in US data centers, adopting VMware NSX means that contractors can be isolated from the rest of the network on a per-VM basis through micro-segmentation.

After migrating to Horizon, Kroll’s IT team “heard nothing but good things from users.” See for yourself why Kroll’s IT team thinks Horizon changes the game:

Related Tip: Are you looking to isolate a group of users such as contractors from the rest of your infrastructure? Define NSX security groups to isolate VMs, and apply a security policy that allows the user group access only to the virtual resources in the security group.  See more in this video.

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