[Infographic] 5 Red Flags Your EUC Environment Is Missing This

Nov 7, 2016
Ashley Speagle


Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware.

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Notice any of these five red flags in your end-user computing (EUC) environment? Yikes! You could use a digital workspace.

  1. Workers use their own devices, whether you OK it or not. Data indicates this is the case for just about every one-in-three employees.
  2. Users access corporate data from outside the network on unmanaged endpoints. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) use keeps growing, and even though many companies support it, few (14%) use mobile application management to secure it.
  3. Your company’s app ecosystem looks like the Wild West. You’re not alone. On average, workers use 917 total cloud apps across the enterprise, most without enterprise-grade security.
  4. Employees can’t get core work done from any device. That not only limits how they work but also when and where. There’s a reason we call our EUC customers #GameChangers: Digitally transforming business processes tends to yield a big competitive advantage. Most businesses get that mobility is critical, especially for core enterprise apps, but only 20% have a mobile success story.
  5. You’re taking a completely DIY approach to delivering mobile apps. By now, you’ve probably heard this staggering stat: Demand for enterprise mobile apps will grow five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver.

Solution: The Secure Digital Workspace

OK, how is a digital workspace platform going to remedy those EUC woes? Well, with VMware Workspace ONE, you can:

  • Maintain control over access to corporate data without managing end users’ devices (Be truly BYO-anything!),
  • Manage mobile devices and laptops alongside PCs, Windows, Mac OS X and Chromebooks (Plus, manage mobile apps alongside virtual apps and desktops!),
  • Enable access to internal and cloud apps across both desktops and mobile with seamless single sign-on via a unified enterprise app store (Nice, right?),
  • Future-proof your EUC environment with support for a broad range of apps (Yes, even Office 365 apps!),
  • Confidently support new apps and services on Day One,
  • And, wait, there’s more.

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