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The $28/Month Desktop is Real—Going Virtual with Horizon on VxRail

Hyper-converged solutions are rapidly building a reputation for delivering the lowest total cost of ownership for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), with reasons like faster time to value and VMware Horizon on VxRail TCO VDI coststhe ability to rapidly scale at reducing cost increments. This recently published whitepaper goes into detail around just what kinds of costs and savings you can come to expect from such a deployment. It also shows how you can achieve per-user costs as low as $28 per month—covering infrastructure, licenses and administrative expenses.

Read Free: Extending EUC Cost Leadership with VMware Horizon on VxRail

In this whitepaper, we look at the cost of deploying virtual desktops and applications on VxRail versus deployment on traditional “build-your-own” VDI infrastructure. We also compare the costs and returns of deploying virtual desktops with traditional, physical desktops. I won’t give everything away, but the analysis shows that virtual desktops always help customers save money over physical desktops.

VxRail helps customers maximize their savings in:

  • Project costs: cost to plan and deploy the environment
  • Operational costs: cost to administer the environment
  • Data center facility costs: costs to power and cool

VxRail comes out ahead in two other areas not explicitly captured in the whitepaper.

The first is the dollar value associated with getting your deployment up and running more quickly. Generally, deploying desktops on VxRail slashes the time to get up and running by over 50%. As an example, we saw one customer save 23 weeks or 457 cumulative working days by deploying their 5,000-seat Horizon environment with VxRail. This means less transition and downtime—and ultimately a more productive workforce.

The second value is the time to deployment and associated savings as you scale your environment. Knowing you can easily and quickly add another appliance or node when you need it allows you to start small and not oversize your environment. This can reduce your upfront CapEx. It can also reduce the time and effort required to scale.

Choosing to move to desktop and application virtualization has many benefits. But with VxRail, the cost of acquisition and management as you make this move just got a whole lot better.

Click here to read our new whitepaper, Extending EUC Cost Leadership with Horizon on VxRail.